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This list is updated daily, whenever  possible. So please do check it out now and then. First come, first served! If you have any specific wants, please feel free to send me your priced wants lists.

All prices are in Swedish Crowns/SEK
. One US $ is approx. SEK 7, one £ Sterling approx. SEK 12 and one Euro around SEK 10. For explanations, gradings etc. go to this page. Singles with an "X" before the artist/title has a picture cover while an "O" before the title means that it has a record company sleeve. Records with neither an "X" or an "O" have neutral covers.
Please note that minimum order is SEK 100 (or US$15). Lots of other vinyl records can be found on these sections:

50's/60's singles
, Instrumental singles, Scandinavian singles, Swedish singles, 70's-90's singles, heavy singles, EP:s, unplayed EP:s, 12" maxi singles, ABBA & related, Beach Boys, Beatles & related, David Bowie, Cliff & Shadows, Elvis, Eurovision Song Contest, Rolling Stones & related, Roxette & Related, 50's-60's albums, 70's-90's albums, heavy albums, country albums, soul & funk albums,
blues albums, instrumental albums, Swedish albums, jazz albums, soundtracks & compilation albums, Frank Zappa, DIRT CHEAP LP ALBUMS, JUST AS DIRT CHEAP SINGLES, Magazines

Payment: The best method is actually sending cash in reg. letter. Bank drafts or any cheques are too expensive to cash here for amounts under SEK 1000 (US$150).Another possibility is sending the money to my postal giro account no. 475 78 84 - 4 (Ronny Forslund). In this case, please add SEK40/$6 to cover the giro charges. You can also send an International Money Order which you buy at your local post office, but please avoid bank drafts and cheques for amounts under SEK1000/$150 (or, better still, order together with some friends to get a larger order).  Now you can also pay by credit card through PayPal - just state my mail when submitting your details.

N.B. An "X" indicates picture cover, an "O" record company sleeve. In other cases, the singles/EPs have a neutral cover. All LPs/maxis have their original jackets.


LP BURKEN & TOMTEFOLKET Nu är det jul igen 1976 (SW Moondisc) VG+ 75:-
LP BING CROSBY Bing Crosby's Christmas classics 1977 (US Capitol) M- 75:-
LP DAMORKESTERN Julkurt med.... 1990, SIGNERAD/AUTOGRAPHED (SW Kurt Olssons Nöjesbolag) M- 125:-
LP JÖRGEN EDMAN & KÖREN AD LIBITUM O helga natt 1976 (SW Gazell) VG+ 65:-
LP JÖRGEN EDMAN Var hälsad sköna morgonstund 1984, soc (SW Frituna) M- 65:-
LP ELVIS Christmas with Elvis 1987 (PORT  Noel) VG++ 75:-
LP GLENMARKS Jul a la carte 1974, a capella (SW GlenDisc) VG+ 75:-
LP SISSEL KYRKJEBØ Stilla natt 1987, soc (NO Noahs Ark) M- 90:-
LP JAN MALMSJÖ Låt mig få tända ett ljus 1987 (SW Little Big Apple) M- 65:-
LP INGMAR NORDSTRÖM Jul 1982, sax instr. (SW Frituna) M- 65:-
LP JIM REEVES Twelve songs of Christmas 1971 release of 1963 album, soc (GE RCA International) VG+ 75:-
LP KENNY ROGERS Christmas 1981 (NL Liberty) M- 65:-
LP KIRI TE KANAWA Christmas with Kiri 1986, a couple of creases at left upper corner of cover (NL Decca) M- 65:-
LP TRIO ME BUMBA Julkväll 1973, soc (SW Columbia) VG 65:-
LP UNG TON Nu så kommer julen 1977, soc (SW EMI) M- 65:-
LP INGVAR WIXELL Jul, jul, strålande jul 1964, gatefold (SW HMV) VG+ 90:-
LP V.A. JULETID  med Nackabarnen, Mälarkören m fl. 1970, co (SW Dux) VG+ 75:-
LP V.A. JULGLÖD m. Jan Schaffer, Leif Strand, Bo Westman, Nacka Sångensemble 1989 (SW Earmeal) M- 75:-
LP V.A. THE HOLY NIGHT - a Christmas oratorio by Hilding Rosenberg to poems of Hjalmar Gullberg 1972 (SW Sveriges Radio) VG 45:-

50s/60s 7" SINGLES

O CILLA BLACK Surround yourself with sorrow/London Bridge 1969 (SW Parlophone) VG++ 65:-
O LOS BRAVOS Black is black/I want a name 1972 release of 1966 single, sol, woc (SW Decca) VG+ 65:-
O BOBBY DARIN You must have been a beautiful baby/Sorrow tomorrow 1961, small cw (SW Atlantic) VG+ 75:-
X JULIE DRISCOLL, BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY This wheel's on fire/A kind of love in 1968, NC (SW Polydor) VG+ 75:-
X JOSÉ FELICIANO Hitchcock railway/Hi-heel sneakers 1968, NC, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
X JOSÉ FELICIANO Light my fire/California dreamin' 1968, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+/VG 65:-
X JOSÉ FELICIANO Marley Purt Drive/Old Turkey Buzzard 1969 (GE RCA Victor) VG/VG+ 45:-
X LARRY FINNEGAN Good morning tears/Shutters and boards 1965, SAS 1001 (SW SvenskAmerican) VG+ 75:-
O HOLLIES Just one look/Keep off that friend of mine 1964, toc (SW Parlophone) VG+ 75:-
X LULU To Sir with love/Let's pretend 1967 (UK Columbia) VG++ 75:-
X MIREILLE MATHIEU Ensemble/Les bicyclettes de Belsize 1968, soc (SW Barclay) VG+ 65:-
X PETER, PAUL & MARY I dig rock and roll music/The great mandella 1967, NC (GE Warner Bros.) VG+ 65:-
X PING-PING Sucu sucu/Maria della montaña 1961, woc, sol, YELLOW VINYL (DK Sonet) VG+ 65:-
X MICHEL POLNAREFF Love me, please love me/La poupée qui fait non 1966 (GE A.Z.) VG(+) 65:-

70s-90s 7" SINGLES

X CHRIS ANDREWS Pretty Belinda/The man with the red balloon 1970 (SW PYE) VG+ 65:-
X IAN CAMPBELL On the road again/SHAKANE Knight in shining armour 1971, multi-coloureed vinyl (SW Green Light) VG+ 75:-
X LAURIE DRYDEN The spirit of Joe Hill/Half of me 1972 (SW Deram) VG+ 65:-
X JULIE FELIX If I could (El condor pasa)/Alone 1970, soc, cw/omslaget naggat i kanten vid öppningen (SW Columbia) VG+ 45:-
X JOHN FOGERTY Rock and roll girls/Centerfield 1984 (GE W.B.) VG++ 65:-
X ISAAC HAYES Juicy fruit/Thank you, love 1976 (PORT ABC) VG+ 65:-
X JOHN MAYALL Nature's disappearing/My pretty girl 1970 (SW Polydor) VG+ 75:-
X COUNTRY JOE McDONALD Ring of fire/Friend, lover, woman, wife 1971 (SW Vanguard) M- 75:-
O MOTT THE HOOPLE Roll away the stone/Where do you all come from 1973 (SW CBS) VG+ 65:-
X RICK NELSON Almost Saturday night/It hasn't happened yet 1981, great cover of John Fogerty-song (SW Capitol) VG++ 65:-
X NILSSON Everybody's talkin'/Don't leave me 1970 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
X SUZI QUATRO Tonight I could fall in love/Good girl (looking for a bad time) 1985 (NL RAK) VG+ 45:-
X JOHNNY RIVERS Rockin' pneumonia - boogie woogie flu/Come home America 1972, name stamp on backside of cover (SW U.A.) VG+ 65:-
X SHAKANE Big step/Knight in shining armour 1971, multi-coloureed vinyl (SW Green Light) VG+ 75:-
X SOFT CELL Tainted love/Memorabilia 1981, NC, stmc (SW Mercury) VG+ 65:-
X BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Dancing in the dark/Pink Cadillac 1984 (NL CBS) VG+ 45:-


X AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG & OLA HÅKANSSON The way you are/Fly like the eagle 1986 (SW Sonet) VG+ 65:-
EPX HOOTENANNY SINGERS En mor (La Mamma)/Körsbär utan kärnor/Gabrielle/Lunden gröna 1964 (SW Polar) VG+ 90:-


LP BEACH BOYS Surfin' safari 1962, soc, toc, their first album, rainbow label (US Capitol) VG+ 180:-
LP BEACH BOYS Close-up 2-LP 1969, rainbow label, slight ringwear (US Capitol) VG+ 125:-
LP BEACH BOYS Do you wanna dance 1972, soc, budget release of their 1965 album "Today" (UK MFP) VG+ 75:-


X SHIRLEY BASSEY Something/Easy to be hard 1970 (GE U.A.) VG/VG+ 65:-


EPX CLIFF RICHARD & SHADOWS "Sings" Travellin' light/Dynamite/I gotta know/Here comes summer 1959, wobc (NO Columbia) VG+ 125:-
O CLIFF RICHARD & SHADOWS Please don't tease/Where is my heart 1960, toc (GE Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X SHADOWS Guitar tango/What a lovely tune 1962, woc, wobc, wol (SW Columbia) VG 45:-
CLIFF RICHARD Me and my Shadows 1967 release of 1960 album, sobc, great LP! Some alternate takes from the Columbia version. (UK Regal) VG+ 125:-
CLIFF RICHARD Cliff's greatest 1963 (GE Columbia) VG(+) 90:-




X EUROPE Rock the night/Seven Doors Hotel 1985 (NL Epic) VG+ 65:-


X ENNIO MORRICONE Per qualche dollaro in piu´/La resa dei conti 1967, NC, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG(+) 45:-
X MR. BLOE Curried soul/Mighty mouse 1970 (SW DJM) VG+ 75:-



X FRANK ZAPPA Joe's garage/Catholic girls 1978 (NL CBS) VG+ 65:-
X FRANK ZAPPA I don't wanna get drafted!/Ancient armaments  1980, B=live (US Zappa Records) VG+ 65:-



X LEFFE CARLSSON ("Sveriges Rockprins") & ROCK'N ROLL SHOW I need your love tonight/When you walk in the room 1978 (SW Marilla) VG+ 65:-
X ANN-LOUISE HANSON Min luftballong/Buona notte, Maria 1968, toc (SWW Philips) VG+ 65:-
X ANN-LOUISE HANSON Leve glädjen/Såsom du, kysser  ingen annan 1970 (SW Philips) M- 65:-
X ANN-LOUISE HANSON Klämmiga Katrin/Sköna Maj 1973, NC (SWGlenDisc) VG+ 65:-
X LILL-BABS Manolito/När du längtar 1968 (SW Karusell) VG+ 75:-
X ELISABETH LORD m. GÖRAN FREDRIKSSONS ORKESTER Tamborito i Panama/Nå´nting att tänka på 1968 (SW Blå Ton) VG+ 75:-
X SVEN BERTIL TAUBE Så skimrande var aldrig havet/SBT & MARGARETA SJÖDIN (Partajbruden) Lejonvisa 1967 (SW HMV) VG+ 65:-


X PAUL ANKA "Paul Anka's new hits" Dance on little girl/Talk to you/Cinderella/Kissin' on the phone 1961 (SW Karusell) VG+ 75:-
X HAPPY-GO-LUCKIES Het var sommarens vind/Adieu Hambourg/Chichi/Jag vill gå i land 1965, sobc (SW Cupol) VG(+) 75:-
X JAN & KJELD Banjo Boy/Mach doch nicht so viel Wind/Grandfather's clock/When the saints go marchin' in 1960, two songs in German, two in English (SW Knäppupp) VG+ 65:-
X GUY MITCHELL Heartaches by the number/Two/Honey brown eyes/Hangin' around 1959 (SW Philips) VG+ 75:-
X STEN & STANLEY Hur ska de' sluta/Bara månen vet/Min kära/Rymd-rendez-vous 1965 (SW Decca) VG 65:-
X STEN & STANLEY Förälskad, förlorad för evigt/Sampo och Laila/Vi som tycker om/Didedideldum 1966 (SW Decca) VG(+) 65:-
X OWE THÖRNQVIST Anna-Marie/Anna Kaffepanna/Betty Fagerlund/Lasse i Backen 1959, wobc (SW Metronome) VG(+) 75:-
X MONICA ZETTERLUND När min vän (Eurovisionsschlagerbidrag 1962)/Mister Kelly/I New York (Take five)/Va' e' de' där 1962 (SW Philips) VG+ 150:-


CREAM Fresh Cream 1966, needle jump B2, wobc, soc (GE Polydor) VG 90:-
JIMMY DEAN Greatest hits 1966 (GE CBS) VG+ 125:-
DONOVAN What's bin did and what's bin hid 1965, wobc (SW PYE) VG 75:-
LEROY VAN DYKE Walk on by 1962, live, slight ringwear (US Ambassador) VG+ 150:-
GRASSROOTS Golden grass - their greatest hits 1968, soc, 1tr.=VG (UK Stateside) VG+ 90:-
TAB HUNTER King of young love 1989, recordings from 1957-60, teenbeat (SW Star-Club) M- 90:-
BETTY HUTTON At the Saints & Sinners Ball 1959 (US Warner Bros.) VG+ 125:-
JERRY LEE LEWIS Rockin' with.... 1972, great rockin' LP! (NL Mercury) VG++ 90:-
TRINI LOPEZ The rhythm & blues album 1965, co (US Reprise) VG+ 90:-
DEAN MARTIN Hits again 1965 (US Reprise) VG+ 90:-
CLYDE McPHATTER Featured w. Billy Ward & His Dominoes 1988, rec. from 1950-52, soc, great vocal group sound! (DK Sing) M- 90:-
SEEKERS Seen in green 1967, gatefold, blue Col. logo (UK Columbia) VG+ 90:-
BARBRA STREISAND My name is Barbar, two.... 1966, orig. inner sleeve (UK CBS) VG++ 90:-
JOHNNY TILLOTSON Tears on my pillow 1969 (US Amos) M- 90:-

70s-90s LP ALBUMS

ALICE Gioielli rubati 1985 (NL EMI) M- 65:-
CLANNAD Magical ring 1983, soc (GE RCA) VG+ 75:-
COCKNEY REBEL same 1973, co, 1tr.=VG (US EMI) VG+ 65:-
BOB DYLAN Blood on the tracks 1974 (US CBS) VG+ 125:-
BOB DYLAN Empire Burlesque 1985, soc (NL CBS) VG+ 90:-
BOB DYLAN Down in the groove 1988 (NL CBS) VG+ 90:-
BOB GELDOF Deep in the heart of nowhere 1986, gatefold, sobc (NL Mercury) M- 65:-
LEO KOTTKE Chewing pine 1975 (US Capitol) M- 90:-
LEO KOTTKE Greenhouse 1976 (GE Capitol) M- 90:-
ROD McKUEN Greatest hits 2 1970, gatefold (US Warner Bros.) VG+ 75:-
BONNIE RAITT Streetlights  1974, RE (US Warner Bros.) M- 75:-
BONNIE RAITT Nick of time 1989 (GE Capitol) M- 75:-
PORTISHEAD Third 2-LP 2008, experimental rock/electronica, limited edition (US Mercury) M- 250:-
RAMONES Ramones mania 2-LP 1988 (GE Sire) VG++ 150:-
PAUL SIMON The rhythm of the saints 1990 (GE W.B.) M- 90:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born to run 1975, gatefold (NL CBS) VG++ 90:-
WATERBOYS The best of.... ´81-´90 1991, w. insert, soc (GE Chrysalis) M- 75:-


JIMMY WITHERSPOON Back door blues 1967, rec. from 1950-52, soc (GE Polydor International) VG+ 150:-


ROY ACUFF Back in the country 1982, co (US Elektra) M- 90:-
STELLA PARTON same 1978 (US Elektra) M- 90:-
CONNIE SMITH New horizons 1978, cut corner (US Monument) M- 90:-


AC/DC For those about to rock 1981, gatefold, co (US Atlantic) VG+ 75:-
BILLY IDOL Charmed life 1990, soc (SW Chrysalis) M- 75:-



PATTI LA BELLE Winner in  you 1986 (GE MCA) M- 65:-
POINTER SISTERS Having a party 1977, co (US Blue Thumb) M- 75:-
POINTER SISTERS Contact 1985, co (US RCA Victor) M- 65:-


MARTY THAU PRESENTS 2x5 w. Fleshtones, Revelons, Bloodless Pharaohs (pre-Stray Cats), Comateens, Student Teachers 1980, co, new wave (US Red Star) M- 90:-
"ORFEU NEGRO" Soundtrack 1959, 10" LP (FR Philips) VG+ 125:-


MEL BROWN Blues for we 1969, gatefold, onevocal track (US Impulse) VG+ 90:-
DESPERATES same 1987, great Dutch gtr.instr. (SW Triola) M- 90:-
DUANE EDDY Dance with the guitar man 1962, great twangy gtr.instr., orig. inner sleeve (GE RCA) VG+ 180:-
JAN & DEAN Anthology album - Legendary Masters Series vol. 3 2-LP 1978, rec. from 1958-68, great collection! (US U.A.) VG+ 125:-
LIONS Twist with the Lions 1962, co (US Metro) VG+ 90:-
RALPH LUNDSTEN Pop age/En sommarsaga 1983, soc, electronic music (SW Harvest) M- 90:-
SANDY NELSON Drums and more drums! 1968 (US Sunset) VG+ 75:-
BOOTS RANDOLPH Plays the great hits of today 1972, slight ringwear (US Monument) M- 90:-
SPOTNICKS The Spotnicks in Paris - Dansons avec les Spotnicks 1963, their second album (SW Karusell) VG+ 150:-
SPOTNICKS In Spain - Bailemos con los Spotnicks 1969 (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS Around the world 1969 release of 1966 LP, 1tr.=VG (SW InterDisc) VG+ 75:-
SPOTNICKS In Winterland 1969 release of 1966 album (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS Live in Japan 1969 release of 1967 album (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS At home in Gothenburg 1970 release of 1965 LP (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS In Berlin 1970 release of 1964 LP (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS In Acapulco 1970 release of 1967 LP (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS Hey hey - listen here is the Spotnicks 1970 (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES same 1961, needle jump on B1 (US Dolton) VG+ 90:-


HARRY ARNOLDS KÖR & ORKESTER Evert Taube's populäraste melodier 1971 (SW Moondisc) VG+ 65:-
EVA DAHLGREN Fria världen 1989 1989 (SW The Record Station) M- 65:-
FRIDENS KILOWATT & RIVALER same 1972 (SW Polydor) VG+ 75:-
LALLA HANSSON Första halvlek 1977, insp. från 1971-75, soc (SW EMI) VG+ 75:-
TONI HOLGERSSON Louise och kärleken 1990 (SW MNW) M- 65:-
JAN HÖILAND same 1977, soc (SW T-Bone) M- 125:-
ANNA-LOTTA LARSSON Tidvatten 1990 (SW Frituna) M- 90:-
POVEL RAMEL Visor som trillat bredvid 1981, gatefold, soc (SW Knäppupp/Sonet) VG+ 90:-
ALF ROBERTSON Emily's foto 1982 (SW Mariann) VG+ 75:-
STEN & STANLEY Sten & Stanley's australiska sångbok 1967, inkl. en duett med Towa Carson, gatefold, mkt. ovanlig LP. (SW Decca) VG+ 250:-
FOLKE SÄLLSTRÖM & ROLAND BENGTSSON C.M. Bellman ur Fredmans Epistlar 1959 (SW Swedisc Society Discofil) VG+ 90:-


X COLOR ME BADD Thinkin' back (2 versions) 1992 (US Giant) VG+ 20:-
X EXPOSÉ I'll never get over you (getting over me)/Give me all your love 1993 (US Arista) VG+ 20:-
X GENESIS No son of mine/Living forever 1991 (US Atlantic) VG+ 20:-
X HAMMER Addams Groove (2 versions) 1991 (US Capitol) VG+ 20:-
X MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH Wildside/On the house tip 1991 (US Interscope) VG+ 20:-
X RICHARD MARX Hazard/Big boy now 1991 (US Capitol) VG+ 20:-
X QUEEN LATIFAH U.N.I.T.Y. (2 versions)/4 the DJs 1993 (US Motown) VG+ 20:-
X SNOW Informer/Lonely Monday morning 1992 (US Eastwest) VG+ 20:-
X LISA STANSFIELD Change/It's got to be real 1991 (US Arista) VG+ 20:-
X SUGARCUBES Hit/Theft 1992, med Björk (US Elektra) VG+ 20:-


AC/DC - MAXIMAL ROCK & ROLL Englehart, Murray / Durieux, Arnaud Pocketförlaget. 2010. 529 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 300 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. Ett par små läsveck på pärmen. 45:-
ALICE BABS FÖDD TILL MUSIK Sjöblom Babs, Alice Norstedts. 1990. 390 s. Inbunden. Dekorerat kartonage. 23,5x15,5cm. 870 gram. Gott skick. 45:-
HUMPHREY BOGART MIN FAR Bogart, Stephen Humphrey Wahlström & Widstrand. 1996. 264 s. Inbunden. 23x15,5cm. 600 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i hyfsat skick. 65:-
ERIC CLAPTON CLAPTON SJÄLVBIOGRAFIN Clapton, Eric ICA Bokförlag. 2008. 345 s. Inbunden. 23x16cm. 700 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i gott skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. 90:-
MILES DAVIS SJÄLVBIOGRAFIN Davis, Miles / Troupe, Quincy Norstedts. 1990. 474 s. Inbunden. 23,5x16cm. 900 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i hyfsat skick. Illustrerad i sv/v. Ett par små skavanker på skyddsomslaget. 65:-
KJERSTIN DELLERT I FÖRTROENDE - med autograf Dellert, Kjerstin Albert Bonniers Förlag. Tredje tryckningen uppl. 2006. 335 s. Häftad. Mjukband. 22,9x15,5cm. 600 gram. Gott skick. Signerad av författaren.Illustrerad med sv/v foton. 90:-
PER GESSLE ATT VARA PER GESSLE - en auktoriserad biografi Lindström, Sven Albert Bonniers Förlag. 2007. 280 s. Inbunden. Illustrerat pappband. 30x30cm. 2300 gram. Gott skick. Boken rikt illustrerad i färg och sv/v. Den har samma format som en LP-skiva (fast tjockare) och passar alltså bra in i  skivhyllan. CD medföljer ej. 90:-
JIMI HENDRIX JIMI HENDRIX - en brors berättelse Hendrix, Leon Pocketförlaget. 2013. 239 s. Pocket. 17,7x11cm. 200 gram. Gott skick. Skriven av Jimi Hendrix' bror. Illustrerad med foton i färg och sv/v. 45:-
HISTORIEN OM IKEA - Ingvar Kamprad berättar Torekull, Bertil Wahlström & Widstrand. Tredje tryckningen uppl. 1998. 253 s. Inbunden. 23x16cm. 600 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i gott skick. Etikett "Infokraft Publishing" på försättsbladet samt julhälsningar från peronalen. 45:-
MICK JAGGER Norman, Philip Månpocket. 2013. 674 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 400 gram. Mycket gott skick. Ej illustrerad. 35:-
JOHN LENNON PÅ EGET SÄTT Lennon, John Wahlström & Widstrand. 1981. 79 s. Häftad. Dekorerat pappband. 17,3x13cm. 120 gram. Hyfsat skick. Tolkning av Peter Curman och Ingemar Lindahl. Ett blad lossnat från inlagan. Boken något vågig. 45:-
JOHN LENNON - A STORY IN PHOTOGRAPHS Burrows, Terry Thunder Bay Press, San Diego. 2001. 176 s. Inbunden. 28,5x24cm. 1100 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i gott skick. Illustrerad med sv/v fotografier. 150:-
METALLICA - terapi, droger och Rock'N'Roll Wall, Mick Månpocket. 2012. 490 s. Pocket. 17,7x11cm. 500 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. Läsveck på pärmens framsida. 35:-
OZZY OSBOURNE JAG ÄR OZZY Osbourne, Ozzy Norstedts. 2011. 368 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 240 gram. Gott skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. 35:-
POVEL RAMEL  Som om inget hade hänt : Povel Ramels livstycken del 2 Författare Povel Ramel Förlag Norstedts Utgivningsdatum 1999, 86 sidor Bandtyp Inbunden Vikt 631 g. Mycket gott skick. 65:-
PATTI SMITH JUST KIDS Smith, Patti Brombergs. 2011. 384 s. Pocket. 17,7x10,8cm. 300 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. Etikett på framsidan: Mottagare av Polar Music Prize 2011. Litet veck på baksidan av pärmen, för övrigt gott skick. 45:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE Carlin, Peter Ames Månpocket. 2013. 518 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 400 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. Läsveck på framsidan, för övrigt gott skick. /2X/ 45:-
THE CLASH du Noyer, Paul (introduction) St Martin's Press, New York. 1997. 94 s. Inbunden. 19x13cm. 210 gram. Mycket gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i mycket gott skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. 65:-
THE HAMLYN HISTORY OF CLASSICAL MUSIC Bailie, John Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd., London. 1999. 192 s. Inbunden. 31x23cm. 1400 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i hyfsat skick. Rikt illustrerad i färg. 90:-
MONICA ZETTERLUND HÅGKOMSTER UR ETT DÅLIGT MINNE Zetterlund, Monica / Alandh, Tom Norstedts. 1996. 235 s. Inbunden. 17,5x12cm. 300 gram. Gott skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. 45:-

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