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This list is updated daily, whenever  possible. So please do check it out now and then. First come, first served! If you have any specific wants, please feel free to send me your priced wants lists.

All prices are in Swedish Crowns/SEK
. One US $ is approx. SEK 7, one £ Sterling approx. SEK 12 and one Euro around SEK 10. For explanations, gradings etc. go to this page. Singles with an "X" before the artist/title has a picture cover while an "O" before the title means that it has a record company sleeve. Records with neither an "X" or an "O" have neutral covers.
Please note that minimum order is SEK 100 (or US$15). Lots of other vinyl records can be found on these sections:

50's/60's singles
, Instrumental singles, Scandinavian singles, Swedish singles, 70's-90's singles, heavy singles, EP:s, unplayed EP:s, 12" maxi singles, ABBA & related, Beach Boys, Beatles & related, David Bowie, Cliff & Shadows, Elvis, Eurovision Song Contest, Rolling Stones & related, Roxette & Related, 50's-60's albums, 70's-90's albums, heavy albums, country albums, soul & funk albums,
blues albums, instrumental albums, Swedish albums, jazz albums, soundtracks & compilation albums, Frank Zappa, DIRT CHEAP LP ALBUMS, JUST AS DIRT CHEAP SINGLES, Magazines

Payment: The best method is actually sending cash in reg. letter. Bank drafts or any cheques are too expensive to cash here for amounts under SEK 1000 (US$150).Another possibility is sending the money to my postal giro account no. 475 78 84 - 4 (Ronny Forslund). In this case, please add SEK40/$6 to cover the giro charges. You can also send an International Money Order which you buy at your local post office, but please avoid bank drafts and cheques for amounts under SEK1000/$150 (or, better still, order together with some friends to get a larger order).  Now you can also pay by credit card through PayPal - just state my mail when submitting your details.

N.B. An "X" indicates picture cover, an "O" record company sleeve. In other cases, the singles/EPs have a neutral cover. All LPs/maxis have their original jackets.


LP BURKEN & TOMTEFOLKET Nu är det jul igen 1976 (SW Moondisc) VG+ 75:-
LP JOHNNY CASH The Christmas spirit 1963 (UK CBS) VG+ 150:-
LP BING CROSBY Bing Crosby's Christmas classics 1977 (US Capitol) M- 75:-
LP JÖRGEN EDMAN & KÖREN AD LIBITUM O helga natt 1976 (SW Gazell) VG+ 65:-
LP JÖRGEN EDMAN Var hälsad sköna morgonstund 1984, soc (SW Frituna) M- 65:-
LP SISSEL KYRKJEBØ Stilla natt 1987, soc (NO Noahs Ark) M- 90:-
LP JAN MALMSJÖ Låt mig få tända ett ljus 1987 (SW Little Big Apple) M- 65:-
LP INGMAR NORDSTRÖM Jul 1982, sax instr. (SW Frituna) M- 65:-
LP JIM REEVES Twelve songs of Christmas 1971 release of 1963 album, soc (GE RCA International) VG+ 75:-
LP KENNY ROGERS Christmas 1981 (NL Liberty) M- 65:-
LP KIRI TE KANAWA Christmas with Kiri 1986, a couple of creases at left upper corner of cover (NL Decca) M- 65:-
LP TRIO ME BUMBA Julkväll 1973, soc (SW Columbia) VG 65:-
LP INGVAR WIXELL Jul, jul, strålande jul 1964, gatefold (SW HMV) VG+ 90:-
LP V.A. JULETID  med Nackabarnen, Mälarkören m fl. 1970, co (SW Dux) VG+ 75:-
LP V.A. JULGLÖD m. Jan Schaffer, Leif Strand, Bo Westman, Nacka Sångensemble 1989 (SW Earmeal) M- 75:-
LP V.A. JULSKIVAN 90 m. Lasse Tennander, Boppers, Lili & Sussie, Jerry Williams, Pernilla Wahlgren m fl 1990 (SW Sonet) M- 75:-
LP V.A. ROCK AND ROLL CHRISTMAS w. Cordell Jackson, Johnny Horton, Gerry Reno, Brenda Lee, Little Bobby REy, Johnny Preston, Connie Francis, Spotnicks, Hank C. Burnette etc. 1989 (SW Star-Club Records) M- 90:-
LP V.A. THE HOLY NIGHT - a Christmas oratorio by Hilding Rosenberg to poems of Hjalmar Gullberg 1972 (SW Sveriges Radio) VG 45:-

50s/60s 7" SINGLES

   JOE BROWN w. BRUVVERS That's what love will do/Hava nagila (instr.) 1963, B=live (UK Piccadilly) VG+ 65:-
O BRUISERS Blue girl/Don't cry 1963, gd. Birmingham beat, ex-Beachcombers (UK Parlophone) VG+ 90:-
X EVERLY BROTHERS Torture/Gone, gone, gone 1960, soc, sol, wobc (GE Warner Bros.) VG+ 75:-
O GERRY & PACEMAKERS It's gonna be alright/Skinny Minnie 1965 (US Laurie) VG++ 75:-
O MERLE KILGORE Everyday's a holiday/It's all over now 1965 (US Epic) M- 65:-
   RIVIERAS California sun/H.B. Goose step (instr.) 1964 (US Riviera) VG+ 75:-
O RONETTES Walking in the rain/How does it feel 1964 (US Philles) VG+ 90:-
O CONNIE STEVENS Wouldn't it be nice/Cinderella could have saved us all 1968, PROMO (US MGM) VG+ 65:-
   THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY Paralyzed/Who's knocking at my door 1968, bb hole, totally freaked-out insane record! If you haven't already heard it you're in for a real treat.... Prod. by T-Bone Burnett. (US Mercury) M- 150:-
   ONIE WHEELER Mother prays loud in her sleep/Please don't break his heart 1961, country/gospel (US K-Ark) VG++ 65:-
O VISCOUNTS Who put the bomp/What am I saying 1961, UK cover (SW PYE) VG+ 75:-

70s-90s 7" SINGLES

   MARVIN RAINWATER Henryetta, Oklahoma/City of angels 1981 (US Hornet) M- 45:-
X LEO SAYER When I need you/I think we fell in love too fast 1976 (SW Chrysalis) VG+ 45:-


LP ABBA Waterloo 1974, small woc (SW Polar) VG+ 75:-
LP ABBA Greatest hits 1975, gatefold (SW Polar) VG++ 75:-
LP ABBA Arrival 1976, soc (SW Polar) VG++ 65:-
LP ABBA Arrival 1976, soc (SW Polar) VG+ 65:-
LP ABBA The album 1977, small woc (SW Polar) VG+ 65:-
LP ABBA Voulez-vous 1979, Spanish release (SP Carnaby) VG++ 75:-
LP ABBA Super trouper 1980, small spinewear (SW Polar) M- 65:-
LP ABBA Super trouper 1980 (SW Polar) VG+ 65:-
LP LENA ANDERSSON 12 nya visor 1972, soc (SW Polar) VG+ 75:-


X BEACH BOYS Cottonfields/The nearest faraway place 1970, small woc & cw (SW Capitol) VG(+) 65:-
LP BEACH BOYS 20/20 1969, gatefold, US cover, rainbow label (DK Capitol) VG 65:-
LP BEACH BOYS Still cruisin' 1987 (GE Capitol) M- 90:-


LP JUDY COLLINS In my life 1967, incl. Beatles-cover, a couple of creases on cover (UK Elektra) VG+ 90:-
LP PAUL McCARTNEY Tug of war 1982, sobc (GE Odeon) M- 75:-
LP PAUL McCARTNEY Give my regards to Broad Street 1984, gatefold, incl. great versions of some Beatles' songs (US MPL) M- 75:-
LP PAUL McCARTNEY Flowers in the dirt  1989 (GE Odeon) M- 75:-
LP RINGO STARR Ringo's rotogravure  1976, gatefold (NO Polydor) M- 75:-


LP CLIFF RICHARD Spanish Harlem 1972 release of 1962 album minus two tracks (GE MFP Super) VG+ 75:-
LP SHADOWS Steppin' to.... 1989 (UK Polydor) VG+ 75:-


ELVIS Elvis' golden records vol. 1 1970 (UK RCA Victor) M- 125:-


LP ROLLING STONES Big hits vol. 3 1970, club release (GE Decca) VG+ 125:-
LP RON WOOD Now look 1975 (US W.B.) VG+ 90:-


X GITTE We're gonna go fishin' (Fina fisken)/I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart 1962, small woc, soc (SW HMV) VG++ 75:-


O SIMON BREHM Onkel Charlie från Minnesota/Den trogne husaren 1956, woc/wol, sol (SW Karusell) VG+ 75:-
X OLLE CARLE "CELLO" Professorn i snarkologi 1980, ensidig singel, gatefold. Reklamskiva för Apothekernes laboratorium, Oslo/Kemi-Intressen, Sundbyberg. (SW A/L) VG+ 65:-
X GÖINGEFLICKORNA Låt mig få hålla din hand/När solen ler 1974, SIGNERAD/AUTOGRAPHED (SW Philips) VG+ 90:-
O SIW MALMKVIST Augustin/Nya fågelsången 1959 (SW Metronome) VG+ 65:-


X INGER BERGGREN Kärlek i april/Venedig/Vår i luften/Vals intim 1958, sol (SW Knäppupp) VG+ 75:-
X HARRY BRANDELIUS & INGALILL ROSSVALD Skinnknuttarnas visa/Lämna dörren öppen/Penninggaloppen/Farfar och jag 1959 (SW HMV) VG+ 75:-
X CONNIE FRANCIS "Many tears ago"/Senza mama/Where the boys are/No one 1961 (DK MGM) VG+ 90:-
X SIGGE FÜRST "Stadsbudsvisan"/Anna Maria/Samling vid pumpen/Tjo och tjim och inget annat 1959, NC (SW Odeon) VG+ 90:-
X JAN MALMSJÖ "4 sidor" Calcutta/Under alla broar/Mackie Kniven/Byssan lull 1961, sol, soc (SW RCA) VG+ 65:-
X SANDY NELSON "Let there be drums"/Get with it/Big noise from Winnetka/Quite a beat 1961 (SW California) VG+ 90:-
X ROY ORBISON "It's over"/Borne on the wind/Blue bayou/Mean woman blues 1964, NC (UK London/Monument) VG+ 125:-
X POVEL RAMEL Flug med till Siam: del 1 Marseille-Ceylon, del 2 Singapore-Bangkok/Ittma Hohah/Sturske Laban - skepparvals 1956, ovanligt fint skick (NO HMV) VG++ 90:-
X JIM REEVES "On tour" Billy Bayou/Welcome to my world/Four walls/He'll have to go 1965, live (GE RCA Victor) M- 90:-
X JOSH WHITE "Ballads and blues vol. 1" I gave my love a cherry/The lass with the delicate air/Evil hearted man/Nobody knows when you're down and out 1957, UK export press (SW Decca) VG+ 75:-
X SLIM WHITMAN Hawaiian cowboy/I'll sail my ship alone/I never see Maggie alone/A tree in the meadow 1960, small cw (DK California) VG+ 75:-
X V.A. "RÖSTER I RADIO/TV" Sven Jerring refererar slutstriden i stafett 4x400 meter i landskampen Sverige-Tyskland 1934/Sven Jerring spelar och refererar fotboll i journalistlandskampen Sverige-Danmark 1945, skivan utgiven 1966. Intressant radiohistoria. (SW Sveriges Radio) VG+ 65:-


BURT ALLIS & DIGGERS Original rock'n'roll 1976, sobc, wobc, great revival rockabilly/rock'n'roll! (GE RCA International) VG+ 90:-
BEE GEES Marley Purt Drive 1969 (UK Polydor) VG 65:-
NICOLE BERGERE A night with Nicole 1963, co, erotic/spoken words LP (US Intimate) VG+ 150:-
BYRDS 1964-71 2-LP 1971 (NL CBS) VG 65:-
LOU CHRISTIE Strikes again 1966 (US Colpix) VG+ 90:-
PETULA CLARK The other man's grass is always greener 1968, cut corner (US Warner Bros./Seven Arts) VG+ 90:-
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Green River 1969, sm. split (US Fantasy) VG+ 90:-
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Willy and The Poor Boys 1969 (SW Liberty) VG(+) 75:-
CONNIE FRANCIS Do the twist 1962, co, slight sm. split, small woc (US MGM) VG+ 150:-
CONNIE FRANCIS Connie's greatest hits 1975 (GE Metro) VG+ 75:-
LESLEY GORE Love love love 1968 (US Wing) VG+ 125:-
BILL HALEY Mister Rock'n'Roll 1969 (UK Ember) VG+ 75:-
HERMAN'S HERMITS The famous 1968, stmc (GE Die Volksplatte) VG+ 65:-
WANDA JACKSON Leave my baby alone 1969, 1tr.=VG (US Hilltop) VG+ 75:-
DAMITA JO Go go with.... 1965, sobc (US RCA Camden) VG+ 90:-
AL JOLSON The Jolson Story - Among my souvenirs 1957, rec. from 1928-30 (UK Brunswick) M- 90:-
AL JOLSON Let me sing and I'm happy 1962, rec. from 1924-1930 (UK Ace of Hearts) VG+ 90:-
JERRY LEE LEWIS Golden hits 1969 release of 1963 album, Smash recordings, great piano rock'n'roll! Needle jump on B2 (NL Philips) VG+ 65:-
JERRY LEE LEWIS The best of Volume II 1978, shrink wrap (US Mercury) M- 90:-
JERRY LEE LEWIS AND FRIENDS Duets 1979, duets with a.o. Jimmy Ellis doing great Elvis style vocals plus Charlie Rich (SW Sun) VG++ 90:-
LITTLE RICHARD same 1970, co, sm. split, toc, Vee Jay recordings (GE Kama Sutra) VG+ 75:-
TRINI LOPEZ At PJ's 1963, incl. "If I had a hammer", live (US Reprise) VG+ 90:-
LOVIN' SPOONFUL Hums of.... 1966, sobc, 1tr.=VG (GE Kama Sutra) VG+ 75:-
LULU The most of.... 1971, 1tr.=VG (UK MFP) + 65:-
PER-ERIK & THUNDERBIRDS Bop-a-lena 1981 (SW Four Leaf Records) M- 90:-
BILLY LEE RILEY The legendary Sun performers 1977, his fantastic 1950s Sun recordings plus a few tracks recorded in 1969, great LP! (UK Charly) M- 90:-
ROCKFEBER same 1976, revival (SW Marilla) M- 75:-
KJELL & ROLF SAMUELSSON Tour the USA 1967, två i brödragruppen Samuelssons som blev stora under 1970-talet, Southern Gospel (US Heart Warming Records) M- 90:-
RAY SMITH It's great it's.... 1976, GREAT ROCK'N'ROLL/ROCKABILLY! (US Rock'n'Roll Rec.) M- 150:-
JOE SOUTH Walkin' shoes 1970 (US Mine) VG+ 90:-
GENE VINCENT & SHOUTS Pioneers of rock vol. 1 1971 release of 1964 LP (UK Starline) VG+ 75:-
YARDBIRDS Legends of.... vol. 3 1982, great LP!  (GE Babylon) M- 90:-

70s-90s LP ALBUMS

BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Mirror image 1974 (NL CBS) M- 90:-
BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Brand new day 1977, shaped cover (US ABC) M- 90:-
BOSSA RIO Live in Japan 1970, gatefold, great & rare bossa LP! (JAP King/Blue Thumb) M- 450:-
JACQUES BREL "8" - ne me quitte pas 1978 release of 1972 album, gatefold (FR Barclay) M- 75:-
CHER Love hurts 1991. alternative cover (GE Geffen) VG+ 65:-
JIMMY CLIFF Struggling man 1973, small wobc (UK Island) VG+ 90:-
MARSHALL CRENSHAW same 1982 (GE W.B.) M- 75:-
MARSHALL CRENSHAW Field day (GE W.B.) M- 75:-
DIRE STRAITS Brothers in arms 1985, incl. "Walk of life", soc (NL Vertigo) M- 75:-
DR. HOOK Sloppy seconds 1972, gatefold, sobc (NL CBS) M- 65:-
DR. HOOK Makin' love and music 1977 (SW Capitol) M- 65:-
BOB DYLAN Under the red sky 1990 (NL CBS) M- 90:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Greatest hits 1981, incl. the great Love Sculpture-instrumental "Sabre dance" (GE Swan Song) M- 90:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Closer to the flame 1989, incl. "King of love" (GE Capitol) VG+ 75:-
ROBERT JOHN GALLO Painted poetry 1972, gatefold, co, some ringwear, psychedelic rock (US Mandala) VG+ 125:-
GENESIS Invisible touch 1986 (GE Charisma) M- 90:-
GO-GOS Vacation 1982, co, slight ringwear (US I.R.S.) M- 65:-
GOLDEN EARRING Contraband 1976, w. lyrics (GE Polydor) VG+ 90:-
INMATES Shot in the dark 1980, their second album. Great pub rock! (UK Radarscope) VG+ 90:-
FINN KALVIK Tusenfryd og grå hverdag 1971 (NO Nor-Disc) VG+ 90:-
FINN KALVIK Fyll mine sejl 1976 (NO Polydor) VG(+) 65:-
BOB MARLEY & WAILERS Babylon by bus 2-LP 1978, live (GE Island) VG+ 90:-
BOB MARLEY & WAILERS Legend - the best of.... 1984, gatefold (GE Island/Tuff Gong) VG+ 90:-
MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT Later that same year 1970, great folk rock/country rock. "Woodstock" not included on this one, just on the US release. (UK UNI) M- 150:-
DELBERT McCLINTON Playin' from the heart 1981, Muscle Shoals-prod. (GE MSS/Capitol) VG+ 90:-
JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP Uh huh 1983, incl. "Authority song", great LP! (NL Mercury) M- 90:-
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN Long live love 1974 (UK EMI) VG+ 75:-
BUFFY SAINTE MARIE She used to wanna be a ballerina 1971, incl. "Soldier blue" (UK Vanguard) VG+ 90:-
PAUL SIMON One trick pony 1980 (CA W.B.) M- 75:-
PAUL SIMON Graceland 1986, rare East Germany release (DDR Amiga) VG+ 125:-
SIMON & GARFUNKEL The concert in Central Park 2-LP 1982, w. booklet, soc (NL CBS) VG+ 90:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE "E" STREETERS Winterland 1978 - Live in the Promised Land 1978 3-LP, rare bootleg, some ringwear, great sound! (FR Slipped Disc Records) VG+ 350:-
STATUS QUO Quo 1974, w. lyrics, soc, slight ringwear (NO Vertigo) VG+ 90:-
STATUS QUO On the level 1975, gatefold, slight edgewear, soc (SW Vertigo) VG+ 90:-
STATUS QUO Blue for you 1976, gatefold (NL Vertigo) M- 90:-
STATUS QUO "1982" 1982, stmc (NO Vertigo) M- 75:-
THE RAINBOW BAND same 1971, cut corner, psychedelic/folk rock (US Elektra) M- 150:-


CROWBAR Bad manors (Crowbar's greatest hits vol. 1) 1970, gatefold, great Canadian blues rock! (US Paramount) VG+ 90:-
B.B. KING Live at the Regal 1972 release of 1965 album, great live LP! (US ABC) VG+ 150:-
JIMMY REED Sings the best of the blues 1969 release of 1963 album, soc, small woc (UK Joy) VG+ 125:-
SKY HIGH same 1980, first LP, w. lyrics, the band's own label (SW Good Vibes) VG+ 125:-
SKY HIGH Freezin' hot 1985 (DK Mega) VG+ 90:-
ROLF WIKSTRÖM'S HJÄRTSLAG Hjärtslag 1977, w. lyrics, some ringwear (SW Alternativ) VG+ 75:-
ROLF WIKSTRÖM'S HJÄRTSLAG Jävla måndag 1978, stmc, slight ringwear (SW MNW( VG+ 75:-


BOBBY BARE I'm a long way from home 1971, sobc, some ringwear (US RCA Camden) VG+ 75:-
BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK Rub it in 1974, cut corner (US ABC) M- 90:-
JACK GREENE What locks the door 1967, co (US Decca) M- 90:-
TOM T. HALL I wrote a song about it 1975 (US Mercury) VG+ 75:-
ROGER MILLER same 1974, shrink wrap (US Everest/Archive of Folk & Jazz Music) VG++ 75:-
JIM REEVES A touch of velvet 1962, black label,  wobc (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
JIM REEVES The international.... 1963, Canadian release, slight ringwear (CA RCA Victor) VG(+) 75:-
JOE SUN with SHOTGUN Livin' on honky tonk time 1980, shrink wrap (US Ovation) M- 75:-
HANK WILLIAMS JR. Ballads of hills and plains 1965, co (US MGM) VG++ 125:-
TAMMY WYNETTE D-I-V-O-R-C-E 1968 (US Epic) VG+ 125:-
V.A. 3 COUNTRY GENTLEMEN w. Hank Locklin, Hank Snow, Porter Wagoner 1963, black label, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG++ 90:-


STAN GETZ Dynasty 2-LP 1972, slight ringwear (UK Verwe) VG+ 90:-
MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Plays for lovers 1965, shrink wrap (US Prestige) VG+ 250:-
MODERN JAZZ QUARTET The best of.... 2-LP 1968, w. insert, Japanese release (JAP Atlantic) M- 250:-
NEW ORLEANS' SWEET EMMA & HER PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND same 1964, live (US Preservation Hall) M- 90:-


CHIC C'est Chic 1978, sobc (GE Atlantic) M- 65:-
FOUR TOPS Anthology 1964-72 2-LP 1972, great collection! (NL Tamla Motown) VG+ 90:-
ARETHA FRANKLIN Queen of soul 1968, sobc (UK Hallmark) VG+ 65:-
CHAKA KHAN What cha' gonna do for me 1981 (US W.B.) M- 65:-
AMANDA LEAR Never trust a pretty face 1978 (GE Ariola) VG+ 65:-
MUNICH MACHINE, introducing CHRIS BENNETT A whiter shade of pale 1978, Giorgio Moroder-prod., small woc (US Casablanca) M- 90:-
LYDIA PENSE & COLD BLOOD same 1976, gatefold, great soul! (US ABC) VG+ 150:-
OTIS REDDING History of.... 1968, gatefold, woc (US Atco) VG(+) 75:-
DIANA ROSS & SUPREMES Reflections 1968, 1tr.=VG, wobc, US cover (SW Tamla Motown) VG+ 75:-
DIANA ROSS Everything is everything 1970, some edgewear (US Motown) VG+ 75:-
SAM & DAVE The best of.... 1969, 2nd press (US Atlantic) VG+ 75:-
DONNA SUMMER Love to love you baby 1975, slight ringwear (US Oasis) VG++ 65:-
DONNA SUMMER Four seasons of love 1976 (US Casablanca) VG++ 65:-
DONNA SUMMER Once upon a time 2-LP 1977 (US Casablanca) M- 75:-
DONNA SUMMER Live and more 2-LP  1978 (US Casablanca) VG++ 75:-
DONNA SUMMER All systems go 1987 (GE W.B.) M- 65:-
TEMPTATIONS Masterpiece 1977 release of 1973 album (US Motown) M- 75:-
JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON What the hell is this? 1979 (UK DJM) VG+ 90:-
STEVIE WONDER Characters 1987, gatefold (GE Motown) M- 75:-
V.A. SOUL OLDIES Vol. 1 w. Marv Johnson, Lee Andrews, Anthony & Imperials etc plus two great rockin' instrumentals by Tune Rockers and Busters 1967, shrink wrap (US Unart) M- 90:-
V.A. THE GREAT SOUL HITS OF.... 1968 w. Jackie Wilson, Gene Chandler, Barbara Acklin, Young-Holt Unlimited, Big Maybelle, Artistics, some ringwear (US Brunswick) VG+ 75:-
V.A. TAM TAM MOTOWN w. Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Eddie Kendricks, Stevie Wonder 1974 (SW Tamla Motown) VG+ 75:-


BUBBLE GUM MUSIC IS THE NAKED TRUTH Vol. 1 w. 1910 Fruitgum Co., Ohio Express, Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus, Lemon Pipers, Shadows of Knight 1969 (US Buddah) VG+ 75:-
DE SISTA ÅNGLOKEN - 19 inspelningar av svenska ånglok i arbete 1969, soc (SW Telestar) VG+ 150:-
GONNA ROCK AND ROLL TONIGHT w. Carl Mann, Donald Simpson & Rockenettes, Al Hendrix, Bennie Hess, Junior Thompson a.o. 1974, CL 1023, FANTASTIC ROCK'N'ROLL/ROCKABILLY. (NL Collector) M- 125:-
HISTORY OF BRITISH ROCK Vol. 2 2-LP w. Beatles, Peter & Gordon, Dave Clark Five, Gerry & Pacemakers, Kinks, Rod Stewart, Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Van Morrison, Elton John, Badfinger, Who, Deep Purple etc. 1974, co (US Sire) VG+ 90:-
I WANT A ROCK & ROLL GUITAR w. Johnny Preston, Eddy Bell, Eddie Bond, Sleepy La Beef, Johnny Jay, Curtis Gordon a.o. 1975, one of the best RnR/Rockabilly labels! Suverän samling! (NL Redita) M- 125:-
KILT DOUBLE GOLD 2-LP w. Association, Animals, James Brown, Tommy Roe, Derek, Terry Stafford, Chuck Berry, Surfaris, Turtles, Shjelley Fabares, Deep Purple, Standells, Davie Allen & Arrows etc. Great collection! The radio station KILT in Texas was owned by Gordon McLendon, one of the originators of Swedish "pirate" station Radio Nord. (US Post) VG++ 90:-
KURT OLSSONS STÖRSTA HITTAR 1987, med Lasse Brandeby och Damorkestern (SW Kurt Olssons Nöjesförening) M- 75:-
OPOPOPPA w. Chris Farlowe, Sven Hedlund, P.J. Proby, Michael Cox, Jerry Williams, Don Partridge etc. 1968, live från Skansen, Stockholm (SW Sveriges Radio) VG+ 90:-
POP & ROCK & COUNTRY m. Björn Skifs, Little Gerhard, Basse Wickman, Rankarna & Mats Rådberg 1974 Gold-Serie (SW Karussell) VG+ 75:-
ROCK MACHINE, I LOVE YOU w. Blood, Sweat & Tears, Laura Nyro, Byrds, Grace Slick & Great Society, Electric Flag, Big Brother & Holding Company, Taj Mahal etc. 1968 (UK CBS) M- 90:-
ROCK'N ROLL w. Little Richard, Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee, Carl Mann, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins etc. 1975, soc, sobc (DK Ecco) VG+ 65:-
"SATCHMO THE GREAT" Soundtrack featuring Louis Armstrong, Edward R.  Murrow with Leonard Bernstein 1957, gatefold (NL Philips) VG+ 90:-
SPÄNSTA MED BIRGITTA - träningsprogram med Prinsessan Birgitta och musik av Harry Arnold 1967, some creases on cover. (SW HMV) VG+ 75:-
SVERIGES STÖRSTA SINGEL III m. Stadion, Lolita Pop, Docent Död, Ebba Grön, Dagens Ungdom, Brända Barn etc. 1983 (SW Mistlur) M- 90:-
THE ROCK MACHINE TURNS YOU ON w. Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Moby Grape, Zombies, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Byrds, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera etc. 1968 (UK CBS) M- 90:-
"WEST SIDE STORY" - the original soundtrack recording 1961 (US Columbia Masterworks) VG+ 90:-
"WEST SIDE STORY" conducted by Leonard Bermstein 2-LP w. Kiri Te Kanawa, José Carreras a.o. 1985, Hungarian release (HU Hungaroton) M- 90:-


CHET ATKINS Chet 1967 (US RCA Camden) VG+ 90:-
PAUL MAURIAT Best album December 1970 2-LP, Japanese release (JAP Philips) VG+ 90:-
RAVI SHANKAR Inside the Kremlin 1989, soc (GE Private Music) VG+ 75:-
SPOTNICKS The great snowman 1977 (SW Mariann International) VG++ 90:-
TRINIDAD STEEL BAND same 1956, steel band music (US Audio Fidelity) VG(+) 125:-
VENTURES Play Telstar and The Lonely Bull 1963, sm. split (US Dolton) VG(+) 75:-
VENTURES Portrait 2-LP 1972 (GE U.A.) VG+ 125:-


BJÖRN AFZÉLIUS Vem är det som är rädd? 1974, inkl. texthäfte med ackordföljder, första solo-LP:n (SW MNW) VG 65:-
BERITH ANSERUD same 1970 (SW Hendrix Music Production) VG(+) 75:-
CARL-ANTON Trubadurens egen visa 1971 release of 1965 album (SW MFP) M- 75:-
CONTACT Hon kom över mon 1971 (SW MNW) VG(+) 75:-
HAWKEY FRANZÉN Visa av och med.... 1972, ex-Lea Riders Group och Jason's Fleece, sobc (SW Viking) M- 90:-
KENNETH & KNUTTERS Bågrock & motorvrål 1982-1987 1987 (NL CBS) M- 75:-
KENNETH & KNUTTERS Tankad, packad och klar 1991 (SW MC Records) M- 75:-
ANITA LINDBLOM Önskemelodier 1977, live (SW Marilla) VG+ 75:-
ANITA LINDBLOM Anita.... här igen 1978, gatefold (SW Marilla) VG+ 75:-
ANITA LINDBLOM Se på mig 1979 (SW Marilla) VG+ 75:-
EDDIE MEDUZA För jævle braa! 1982 (SW Mariann) M- 90:-
NATIONALTEATERN Barn av vår tid 1978, w. lyrics, slight ringwear (SW Nacksving) VG++ 90:-
LENA NYMAN & RUNE ANDERSSON Var mig nära - kärleksvisor på svenska 1974, gatefold, w. lyrics (SW YTF) M- 90:-
LENA NYMAN & RUNE ANDERSSON Älskade 1978, gatefold (SW Alena) M- 75:-
ULF PEDER OLROG/KVARTETTEN SYNKOPEN Ulf Peder Olrog-melodier vol. 1 1972, insp. från 1947-48 (SW Musica) M- 90:-
MATS PAULSON Hultmans solskenssånger 1976 (SW Polar) M- 75:-
PUGH (ROGEFELDT) On the rocks 1973, gatefold, small woc, toc (SW Metronome) VG+ 65:-
POVEL RAMEL, WENCHE MYHRE m fl De sista entusiasterna 1979 release of 1968 album, stmc (SW Knäppupp) VG+ 75:-
POVEL RAMEL Ramels radiorariteter 2-LP 1979, radioinspelningar från 1946-1963. Mkt udda och intressant material här! (SW S.R.) VG+ 125:-
POVEL RAMEL 1942-54 1985, ovanliga inspelningar som tidigare endast funnits på stenkakor, w. insert (SW Fenix) VG+ 90:-
SHANES 60-talsparty - Let's dance 1 1990, slight ringwear (SW Scranta) VG+ 75:-
TED STRÖM Stråk 1986, soc, Janne Schaffer på gitarr (SW Frituna) VG+ 75:-
SWE-DANES Med Swe-Danes på Berns 1961, live (SW W.B.) VG+ 125:-
SWE-DANES På begäran 1961, live på Berns (SW W.B.) VG+ 125:-
OWE THÖRNQVIST same 1970 (SW Excellent) VG+ 75:-
JERRY WILLIAMS Keep on 1973, soc, ovanlig engelsk lågpris-LP (UK Stereo Gold Award) VG+ 90:-
JERRY WILLIAMS Sweet little rock'n roller 1974 (SW Sonet) VG++ 90:-


X COLOR ME BADD Thinkin' back (2 versions) 1992 (US Giant) VG+ 20:-
X EXPOSÉ I'll never get over you (getting over me)/Give me all your love 1993 (US Arista) VG+ 20:-
X GENESIS No son of mine/Living forever 1991 (US Atlantic) VG+ 20:-
X HAMMER Addams Groove (2 versions) 1991 (US Capitol) VG+ 20:-
X MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH Wildside/On the house tip 1991 (US Interscope) VG+ 20:-
X RICHARD MARX Hazard/Big boy now 1991 (US Capitol) VG+ 20:-
X QUEEN LATIFAH U.N.I.T.Y. (2 versions)/4 the DJs 1993 (US Motown) VG+ 20:-
X SNOW Informer/Lonely Monday morning 1992 (US Eastwest) VG+ 20:-
X LISA STANSFIELD Change/It's got to be real 1991 (US Arista) VG+ 20:-
X SUGARCUBES Hit/Theft 1992, med Björk (US Elektra) VG+ 20:-


AC/DC - MAXIMAL ROCK & ROLL Englehart, Murray / Durieux, Arnaud Pocketförlaget. 2010. 529 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 300 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. Ett par små läsveck på pärmen. 45:-
ALICE BABS FÖDD TILL MUSIK Sjöblom Babs, Alice Norstedts. 1990. 390 s. Inbunden. Dekorerat kartonage. 23,5x15,5cm. 870 gram. Gott skick. 45:-
HUMPHREY BOGART MIN FAR Bogart, Stephen Humphrey Wahlström & Widstrand. 1996. 264 s. Inbunden. 23x15,5cm. 600 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i hyfsat skick. 65:-
ERIC CLAPTON CLAPTON SJÄLVBIOGRAFIN Clapton, Eric ICA Bokförlag. 2008. 345 s. Inbunden. 23x16cm. 700 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i gott skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. 90:-
MILES DAVIS SJÄLVBIOGRAFIN Davis, Miles / Troupe, Quincy Norstedts. 1990. 474 s. Inbunden. 23,5x16cm. 900 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i hyfsat skick. Illustrerad i sv/v. Ett par små skavanker på skyddsomslaget. 65:-
KJERSTIN DELLERT I FÖRTROENDE - med autograf Dellert, Kjerstin Albert Bonniers Förlag. Tredje tryckningen uppl. 2006. 335 s. Häftad. Mjukband. 22,9x15,5cm. 600 gram. Gott skick. Signerad av författaren.Illustrerad med sv/v foton. 90:-
PER GESSLE ATT VARA PER GESSLE - en auktoriserad biografi Lindström, Sven Albert Bonniers Förlag. 2007. 280 s. Inbunden. Illustrerat pappband. 30x30cm. 2300 gram. Gott skick. Boken rikt illustrerad i färg och sv/v. Den har samma format som en LP-skiva (fast tjockare) och passar alltså bra in i  skivhyllan. CD medföljer ej. 90:-
JIMI HENDRIX JIMI HENDRIX - en brors berättelse Hendrix, Leon Pocketförlaget. 2013. 239 s. Pocket. 17,7x11cm. 200 gram. Gott skick. Skriven av Jimi Hendrix' bror. Illustrerad med foton i färg och sv/v. 45:-
HISTORIEN OM IKEA - Ingvar Kamprad berättar Torekull, Bertil Wahlström & Widstrand. Tredje tryckningen uppl. 1998. 253 s. Inbunden. 23x16cm. 600 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i gott skick. Etikett "Infokraft Publishing" på försättsbladet samt julhälsningar från peronalen. 45:-
MICK JAGGER Norman, Philip Månpocket. 2013. 674 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 400 gram. Mycket gott skick. Ej illustrerad. 35:-
JOHN LENNON PÅ EGET SÄTT Lennon, John Wahlström & Widstrand. 1981. 79 s. Häftad. Dekorerat pappband. 17,3x13cm. 120 gram. Hyfsat skick. Tolkning av Peter Curman och Ingemar Lindahl. Ett blad lossnat från inlagan. Boken något vågig. 45:-
JOHN LENNON - A STORY IN PHOTOGRAPHS Burrows, Terry Thunder Bay Press, San Diego. 2001. 176 s. Inbunden. 28,5x24cm. 1100 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i gott skick. Illustrerad med sv/v fotografier. 150:-
METALLICA - terapi, droger och Rock'N'Roll Wall, Mick Månpocket. 2012. 490 s. Pocket. 17,7x11cm. 500 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. Läsveck på pärmens framsida. 35:-
OZZY OSBOURNE JAG ÄR OZZY Osbourne, Ozzy Norstedts. 2011. 368 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 240 gram. Gott skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. 35:-
POVEL RAMEL  Som om inget hade hänt : Povel Ramels livstycken del 2 Författare Povel Ramel Förlag Norstedts Utgivningsdatum 1999, 86 sidor Bandtyp Inbunden Vikt 631 g. Mycket gott skick. 65:-
PATTI SMITH JUST KIDS Smith, Patti Brombergs. 2011. 384 s. Pocket. 17,7x10,8cm. 300 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. Etikett på framsidan: Mottagare av Polar Music Prize 2011. Litet veck på baksidan av pärmen, för övrigt gott skick. 45:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE Carlin, Peter Ames Månpocket. 2013. 518 s. Pocket. 17,8x11cm. 400 gram. Hyfsat skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. Läsveck på framsidan, för övrigt gott skick. /2X/ 45:-
THE CLASH du Noyer, Paul (introduction) St Martin's Press, New York. 1997. 94 s. Inbunden. 19x13cm. 210 gram. Mycket gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i mycket gott skick. Illustrerad i färg och sv/v. 65:-
THE HAMLYN HISTORY OF CLASSICAL MUSIC Bailie, John Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd., London. 1999. 192 s. Inbunden. 31x23cm. 1400 gram. Gott skick. Skyddsomslag finns i hyfsat skick. Rikt illustrerad i färg. 90:-
MONICA ZETTERLUND HÅGKOMSTER UR ETT DÅLIGT MINNE Zetterlund, Monica / Alandh, Tom Norstedts. 1996. 235 s. Inbunden. 17,5x12cm. 300 gram. Gott skick. Illustrerad med sv/v foton. 45:-

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