70s-90s 7" SINGLES

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Please note that minimum order is SEK 100 (or US$15).

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X LYNN ANDERSON Rose garden/Nothing between us 1971 (SW CBS) VG++ 65:-
O ANN MARGARET For you/Love rush 1979 (US MCA) VG+ 65:-
X JOAN BAEZ The night they drove old Dixie down/When time is stolen 1971, cw (SW Vanguard) VG(+) 25:-
X BINTANGS Travelling in the USA/Hound is on the run 1970, great Dutch progressive/blues rock (GE Decca) VG+ 75:-
X BLONDIE Heart of glass/Rifle range 1978 (GE Chrysalis) VG+ 45:-
O DANIEL BOONE Annabelle/Sleepyhead 1972 (US Mercury) M- 45:-
X IAN CAMPBELL On the road again/SHAKANE Knight in shining armour 1971, multi-coloureed vinyl (SW Green Light) VG+ 45:-
X C.C.S. Walking/Salome 1971 (SW Columbia) VG+ 35:-
X C.C.S. Tap turns on the water/Save the world 1971 (SW Columbia) VG++ 35:-
X C.C.S. Sixteen tons/This is my  life 1972, soc, woc (SW RAK) VG+ 35:-
X C.C.S. Brother/Mister, what you can't have, I can get 1972, NC (SW Columbia) VG+ 35:-
O C.C.S. Hurricane coming/Dragster 1974 (SW RAK) VG+ 35:-
X CHICORY TIP Son of my father/Pride comes before a fall 1972 (SW CBS) VG+ 35:-
O CHICORY TIP Good grief Christina/Move on 1973, NC (SW CBS) VG++ 35:-
O DAVE CLARK FIVE Julia/Five by five 1970, B=instr., sol (UK Columbia) VG+ 45:-
O DAVE CLARK & FRIENDS Rub it in/I'm sorry baby 1972, soc (SW Columbia) VG+ 45:-
X JIMMY CLIFF Love me love me/Sunshine in the music 1988 (NL CBS) M- 35:-
X ELVIS COSTELLO Alison/Welcome to the working week 1977, Nick Lowe-prod. (UK Stiff) VG+/VG 25:-
X DEPECHE MODE Just can't get enough/Any second now (instr.) 1981 (UK Mute) VG+ 45:-
X NEIL  DIAMOND Do it/Hanky panky 1970, wol (SW Polar) VG -/VG 25:-
X DIRE STRAITS Brothers in arms/Going home 1985, soc (NL Vertigo) VG+ 45:-
X DIRE STRAITS Walk of life/Two young lovers (live) 1985, soc (UK Vertigo) M- 45:-
X DIRE STRAITS So far away/Walk of life 1985 (NL Vertigo) VG+ 45:-
X DIRE STRAITS Money for nothing/Love over gold (live) 1985, soc (NL Vertigo) VG+ 45:-
X DIRE STRAITS Calling Elvis/Iron hand 1991 (GE Vertigo) VG+ 45:-
O DR. FEELGOOD Back in the night/I'm a man (live) 1975, sol, wol, NC (GE U.A.) VG(+) 25:-
X DR. FEELGOOD See you later alligator/I love you so you're mine 1986 (SW Stiff) M- 35:-
X DR. FEELGOOD Milk and alcohol/She's got her eyes on you 1989, Dave Edmunds-prod., labels on wrong side (UK Liberty) M- 35:-
X LAURIE DRYDEN The spirit of Joe Hill/Half of me 1972 (SW Deram) VG+ 45:-
X EDISON LIGHTHOUSE Love grows (where my Rosemary goes)/Every lonely day 1970, NC, stmc (SW Bell) VG+/VG 65:-
X DAVE EDMUNDS Singing the blues/Boys talk 1980 (UK Swan Song) VG+ 65:-
X DAVE EDMUNDS Almost Saturday night/You'll never get me up 1981 (UK Swan Song) VG+ 45:-
X ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Rock'n'roll is king/After all 1983 (NL Jet) VG+ 45:-
X ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Secret messages/Buildings have eyes (previously unreleased) 1983 (NL Jet) VG+ 45:-
X JOHN FOGERTY Rock and roll girls/Centerfield 1984 (GE W.B.) VG++ 65:-
X FORMULA V Cenicienta/Ahora estoy enamorado 1969, soc, gd. Spanish pop (SP Philips) VG+ 75:-
X GENESIS Keep it dark/Naminanu 1981 (UK Charisma) M- 25:-
O GEORDIE All because of you/Ain't it just like a woman 1973, glam rock, small wol (SW EMI) VG+ 65:-
X RICHARD GILLIS Butterfly mornin's/Tomorrow is the song I sing 1970 (SW W.B.) VG+ 65:-
X ISAAC HAYES Juicy fruit/Thank you, love 1976 (PORT ABC) VG+ 45:-
X TERRY JACKS Seasons in the sun/Put the bone in 1973 (GE Bell) VG++ 45:-
X TERRY JACKS If you go away/Me and you 1974 (GE Bell) M- 45:-
X TERRY JACKS Rock'n'roll/The love game 1974 (GE Bell) VG++ 45:-
O MICHAEL JACKSON Rockin' Robin/Love is here and now you're gone 1972 (SW Tamla Motown) VG++ 45:-
X FREDDIE KING Shake your booty/Pack it up 1974, soul/disco w. great guitar (GE RSO) VG+ 65:-
X KINKS Lola/Berkley Mews 1970, wobc (SW PYE) VG+ 65:-
X REGGIE KNIGHTON VD got to Idi/All night long 1977, från programmet Eldorado (NL CBS) M- 45:-
X DAVID KNOPFLER Heart to heart/Double dealing 1984 (NL Polydor) VG+ 35:-
X KURSAAL FLYERS The sky's falling in on our love/Revolver (live) 1977 (NL CBS) M- 45:-
X MARK LINDSAY Arizona/Man from Houston 1970, NC, toc (SW CBS) VG+ 45:-
X MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT Woodstock/Scion 1970, wonderful song! (SW UNI) VG+/VG 45:-
X COUNTRY JOE McDONALD Ring of fire/Friend, lover, woman, wife 1971 (SW Vanguard) M- 45:-
X MEDICINE HEAD Slip and slide/Cajun kick 1974 (GE Polydor) VG+ 45:-
X MEL & KIM Rockin' around the Christmas tree/Deck the blooming halls 1987, soc, Kim Wilde & Mel Smith (UK 10 Records) VG++ 45:-
O MOTT THE HOOPLE Roll away the stone/Where do you all come from 1973 (SW CBS) VG+ 45:-
X WENCKE MYHRE & SOHN Wir beide gegen den Wind/Drum schau nur zu 1983 (GE Polydor) VG+ 65:-
X GRAHAM NASH Chicago/Simple man 1971, soc, small woc (GE Atlantic) VG+/VG 25:-
X RICK NELSON Almost Saturday night/It hasn't happened yet 1981, great cover of John Fogerty-song (SW Capitol) VG++ 65:-
X NILSSON Everybody's talkin'/Don't leave me 1970 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 45:-
X PIRATES Sweet love on my mind (live)/You don't own me/Don't München it 1977, tour schedule for Sept./Oct. 1977 on back of cover (UK W.B.) VG+ 45:-
X SUZI QUATRO 48 crash/Little bitch blue 1973, soc (SW RAK) VG(+) 65:-
X SUZI QUATRO Devil gate drive/In the morning 1974 (SW RAK) VG+ 65:-
X SUZI QUATRO The race is on/Non citizen 1978, woc (GE RAK) VG+ 65:-
X SUZI QUATRO Mama's boy/Mind demons 1979 (SW RAK) VG+ 65:-
X ROCKPILE Wrong way/Now and always 1980 (UK F-Beat) VG++ 25:-
X RATTLES The witch/Geraldine 1970 (SW Spark) VG+ 65:-
X RATTLES You can't have sunshine every day/Where is the friend 1971, NC (SW Spark) VG+ 65:-
X JOHNNY RIVERS Sea cruise/Our lady of the well 1971 (SW U.A.) VG+ 45:-
X JOHNNY RIVERS Rockin' pneumonia - boogie woogie flu/Come home America 1972, name stamp on backside of cover (SW U.A.) VG+ 45:-
X RUBETTES Sugar baby love/You could have told me 1974 (GE Polydor) M- 45:-
X BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE He's an indian cowboy in the rodeo/Not the lovin' kind 1972, NC (SW Vanguard) VG+ 45:-
X LEO SAYER When I need you/I think we fell in love too fast 1976 (SW Chrysalis) VG+ 45:-
X SHAKANE Big step/Knight in shining armour 1971, multi-coloureed vinyl (SW Green Light) VG+ 45:-
X IRENE SHEER Hey pleasure man/You walked away 1970 (SW Polydor) VG+ 45:-
X PAUL SIMON Diamonds on the soles of her shoes/All around the world of my fingerprints 1987 (GE W.B.) M- 35:-
X SOFT CELL Tainted love/Memorabilia 1981, NC, stmc (SW Mercury) VG+ 65:-
X BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Dancing in the dark/Pink Cadillac 1984 (NL CBS) VG+ 45:-
X ALVIN STARDUST My coo ca choo/Pull together 1973 (GE Ariola) VG+ 45:-
X ALVIN STARDUST You, you, you/Come on 1974, sol (GE Magnet) VG+ 45:-
X STATUS QUO Marguerita time/Resurrection 1983, small woc (NL Vertigo) VG+ 65:-
X STATUS QUO In the army now/Heartburn 1986 (NL Vertigo) VG+ 65:-
X SWEET Funny, funny/You're wrong for loving me 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG+/VG 35:-
X SWEET Poppa Joe/Jeanie 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG/VG+ 35:-
X SWEET The six teens/Burn on the flame 1974 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 35:-
X THE 5TH DIMENSION The declaration/A change is gonna come/People got to be free 1970, sobc (SW Bell) VG+ 45:-
X THE CURE Boys don't cry/Pillbox tales 1986 (UK Fiction) VG+ 45:-
   DELANO TUCKER w. REVOLUTIONARY ALL STARS A so Jah say/Reap dub 1978, Jamaican reggae (JAM Galaxy Tucks) VG+ 75:-
O IKE & TINA TURNER Proud Mary/Funkier than a mosquita's tweeter 1971 (SW Liberty) VG+ 45:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER I'm yours (use me anyway you wanna)/Doin' it 1971 (SW U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER Sexy Ida, part 1 & 2 1974 (GE U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER Delila's power/That's my purpose 1975 (GE U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X BONNIE TYLER Lost in France/Baby I remember you 1976 (GE RCA Victor) VG++ 45:-
X ROGER WATERS Radio waves/Going to live in L.A. 1987, stmc, Pink Floyd-member (GE Harvest) VG+ 45:-
X TONY JOE WHITE High sheriff/Groupy girl 1970 (GE Monument) VG+ 45:-
X WHITE PLAINS My baby loves lovin'/Show me your hand 1970, small cw, sobc, UK press (SW Deram) VG+ 45:-
X WHO Won't get fooled again/Don't know myself 1971 (GE Polydor) VG+ 75:-
X RICKY WILDE I am an astronaut/The hertfordshire rock 1972, NC (SW UK) VG+ 45:-
X WIZZARD See my baby jive/Bend over Beethoven 1973 (SW Harvest) VG+ 65:-
O ROY WOOD Forever/Music to commit suicide by 1973 (SW Harvest) VG(+) 35:-

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