70s-90s 7" SINGLES

All prices are in Swedish Crowns/SEK. One US $ is approx. SEK 7, one £ Sterling approx. SEK 12. For explanations, gradings etc. go to this page. Singles with an "X" before the artist/title has a picture cover while an "O" before the title means that it has a record company sleeve. Records with neither an "X" or an "O" have neutral covers.
Please note that minimum order is SEK 100 (or US$15).

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O ANDWELLA Hold on to your mind/Shadow of the night 1970, rare psych, lt (UK Reflection) VG(+) 45:-
X B-52's Channel Z/Junebug 1989 (GE Reprise) M- 25:-
X SHIRLEY BASSEY For all we know/What's done is done 1970 (GE U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X CILLA BLACK w. BARRY MANILOW You'll never walk alone/Through the tears 1993 (UK Columbia) VG+ 35:-
X BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Hi-de-ho/The battle 1970, NC (SW CBS) VG+ 35:-
X BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Tell me that I'm wrong/Rock reprise 1974 (SW CBS) VG+ 35:-
X JAMES BROWN Hey America (2 versions) 1970 (GE Polydor) VG+ 35:-
X JAMES BROWN Sex machine part 1 & 2 1970 (GE Polydor) VG(+) 25:-
X JAMES BROWN Hot pants, part 1 & 2 1971 (GE Polydor) VG(+) 25:-
X KATE BUSH Sat in your lap/Lord of the Reedy River 1980, slight crease on cover (NL EMI) M- 25:-
X KATE BUSH Running up that hill/Under the ivy 1985 (NL EMI) M- 25:-
X KATE BUSH Experiment IV/Wuthering heights (new vocal) 1986 (NL EMI) M- 25:-
X JOHNNY CASH Sunday morning coming down/I'm gonna try to be that way 1970, some creases on cover (SW CBS) VG+ 65:-
X C.C.S. Brother/Mister, what you can't have, I can get 1972, NC (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X CHER Half-breed/Melody 1973, sm. split (GE MCA) VG+ 45:-
X CHICORY TIP Son of my father/Pride comes before a fail 1972 (SP CBS) VG++ 45:-
O CHICORY TIP Good grief Christina/Move on 1973, NC (SW CBS) VG++ 45:-
X CHRISTIE Yellow river/Down the Mississippi line 1970, soc (SW CBS) VG+ 45:-
O CHRISTIE Iron horse/Every now and then 1972 (UK CBS) VG++ 45:-
X ERIC CLAPTON After midnight/Easy now 1970, NC, some creases on cover (SW Polydor) 35:-
X PETULA CLARK Bleu blanc rouge/Il est temps 1973 (FR AZ) VG++ 45:-
X JIMMY CLIFF Love me love me/Sunshine in the music 1988 (NL CBS) M- 35:-
X CHI COLTRANE Hallelujah/Let it ride 1974 (NL CBS) VG+ 25:-
X SAMMY DAVIS, JR. Song and dance man/Snap your fingers 1976 (SW 20th Century Records) M- 20:-
X DELANEY & BONNIE Only you know and I know/God knows I love you 1971 (GE Atlantic) VG+ 25:-
X NEIL DIAMOND Cracklin' Rosie/Lordy 1970 (NO UNI) VG+ 25:-
X DRIFTERS Down on the beach tonight/Say goodbye to Angelina 1974 (GE Bell) VG+ 25:-
X JACQUES DUTRONC L'Arsene/GEORGES RAUDI Stercok 1970, B=instr., från TV-serien Arsene Lupin (FR Vogue) VG+ 25:-
X EARTH AND FIRE Memories/From the end till the beginning 1972, Dutch progressive (GE Polydor) VG+/VG 20:-
X DAVE EDMUNDS Almost Saturday night/You'll never get me up 1981 (UK Swan Song) VG+ 45:-
X ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA All over the world (from "Xanadu")/Midnight blue 1979 (NL Jet) M- 45:-
X ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA The way life's meant to be/Wishing 1981 (NL Jet) VG+ 45:-
X FLAKE Beautiful day/As it comes to you 1973, cw, beat/blues rock (NL Park) VG+ 35:-
X ARETHA FRANKLIN Can't turn you loose/United together 1980 (GE Arista) M- 25:-
X FUTURE PILOT A.K.A. vs RANJIT NAGAR CHORUS We shall overcome/vs KIM FOWLEY Night flight to Memphis 1997, 33 rpm (UK Creeping Bent) VG+ 35:-
X GENESIS Keep it dark/Naminanu 1981 (UK Charisma) M- 25:-
X HEYETTES The Fonz song/same (instr.) 1976, fråm TV-serien "Gänget och jag", UK press (SW London) VG++ 35:-
X BILLY HOWARD King of the cops/The disco cops 1975, songs including great imitations of wellknown TV cops, like Columbo, Kojak, Cannon, McCloud etc /2X/ (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 25:-
X TERRY JACKS Seasons in the sun/Put the bone in 1973 (GE Bell) VG+ 25:-
X JOHNNY JOHNSON & HIS BANDWAGON (Blame it) on the Pony Express/Never let her go 1970 (SW Bell) VG+ 25:-
X JUPITER SUNSET Back in the sun/same (instr.) 1971, gd. symphonic/progressive rock by French studio musicians (FR Pathé) VG+ 25:-
X K.C. & THE SUNSHINE BAND Shake your booty/Boogie shoes 1976 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 20:-
X KOJIMA KEIKO Taikoku no kage/Real 2004, Japanese new wave, white vinyl (JAP Fractal) M- 25:-
X REGGIE KNIGHTON VD got to Idi/All night long 1977, från programmet Eldorado (NL CBS) M- 45:-
X LOVE GENERATION Israel/Think it over 1972, sobc (GE U.A.) VG+ 35:-
X JEFF LYNNE Doin' that crazy thing/Going down to Rio 1977 (UK Jet) M- 35:-
   DAVID LINDLEY Mercury blues/same (live) 1981 (UK Asylum)VG++ 45:-
X LOBO Me and you and a dog named Boo/Walk away from it all 1971 (SW Philips) VG+ 25:-
O LEE LYNCH Sweet woman/Can't take my eyes off you 1970 (UK Ember) VG+ 25:-
X MARCELLA Io, domani/Dove vai 1973 (IT CGD) VG+ 25:-
X MODERN TROUBLE Fly to Moscow (2 diff.) 1987, limited edition in "glasnost vinyl" (transparent), soc (GE Chic) VG+ 25:-
O MOTT THE HOOPLE Roll away the stone 1973 (SW CBS) VG+ 25:-
X MUD Tiger feet/Mr. Bagatelle 1974 (SW RAK) VG+ 35:-
X MUNGO JERRY In the summertime/Mighty man 1970, NC (SW PYE) VG+ 35:-
X WENCKE MYHRE & SOHN Wir beide gegen den Wind/Drum schau nur zu 1983 (GE Polydor) VG+ 75:-
X GRAHAM NASH Chicago/Simple man 1971, soc, small woc (GE Atlantic) VG+/VG 45:-
X NEIL (from the TV series "The Young Ones") Hole in my shoe/Hurdy gurdy mushroom man1984 (GE WEA) VG+ 25:-
X PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC Are you ready/Staggolee 1970 (SW CBS) VG+ 25:-
X JO PALM Tina/Makin' love 1973, wol (FR RCA Victor) VG+ 20:-
X PIRATES Sweet love on my mind (live)/You don't own me/Don't München it 1977, tour schedule for Sept./Oct. 1977 on back of cover (UK W.B.) VG+ 45:-
X PLASTIC BERTRAND Tout petit la planete/C'est le rock'n' roll 1978, soc (FR Vogue) VG+ 25:-
X QUEEN Spread your wings/Sheer heart attack 1977, NC (UK EMI) VG+ 40:-
X QUEEN B Red top hot shot beep beep beep/Gardening 1989 (GE London) M- 25:-
X RATTLES The witch/Geraldine 1970 (SW Spark) VG+ 45:-
O RATTLES Devil's on the loose/I know you don't know 1972, NC (SW Spark) VG+ 45:-
X TOM ROBINSON BAND 2-4-6-8 motorway/I shall be released 1977 (SW EMI) VG+ 25:-
X ROCKIN' SIDNEY My toot toot/My zydeco shoes 1985 (NL Philips) M- 25:-
X ROCKPILE Wrong way/Now and always 1980 (UK F-Beat) VG++ 25:-
X DIANA ROSS Last time I saw him/Save the children 1972, soc (GE Tamla Motown) M- 20:-
X BARRY RYAN Red man/Loneliest night of the year 1971 (GE Polydor) VG+ 25:-
X TELLY SAVALAS (Kojak) Some broken hearts never mend/Look what you've done to me 1980, white label promo (SW RCA Victor) M- 25:-
X PAUL SIMON You can call me Al/Gumboots 1986 (GE W.B.) M- 35:-
X PAUL SIMON Diamonds on the soles of her shoes/All around the world of my fingerprints 1987 (GE W.B.) M- 35:-
X PAUL SIMON The obvious child/The rhythm of the saints 1990 (GE W.B.) M- 35:-
X ALVIN STARDUST You, you, you/Come on 1974, sol (GE Magnet) VG+ 45:-
X STYLISTICS Betcha by golly, wow/Ebony eyes 1972 (SW Avco Embassy) VG+ 35:-
X SWEET Funny, funny/You're wrong for loving me 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG+/VG 35:-
X SWEET Poppa Joe/Jeanie 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG/VG+ 35:-
X SWEET The six teens/Burn on the flame 1974 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 35:-
X JOHNNIE TAYLOR Jody got your girl and gone/A fool like me 1972 (GE Stax) VG++ 30:-
X THE CURE Boys don't cry/Pillbox tales 1986 (UK Fiction) VG+ 65:-
X T-REX Hot love/Woodland rock/The king of the mountain cometh 1971, NC, tapemark on sleeve (SW Stateside) VG 25:-
X T-REX Jeepster/Life's a gas 1971, small woc (GE Ariola) VG+ 25:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER I'm yours (use me anyway you wanna)/Doin' it 1971 (SW U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER Nutbush city limits/Help him 1973 (GE U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER Sexy Ida, part 1 & 2 1974 (GE U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X IKE & TINA TURNER Delila's power/That's my purpose 1975 (GE U.A.) VG+ 25:-
X BARRY WHITE Can't get enough of your love, baby/Just not enough 1974 (GE Philips) VG+ 25:-
X WHITE PLAINS My baby loves lovin'/Show me your hand 1970 (SW Deram) VG+ 25:-
X BOBBY WHITLOCK Ease your pain/Satisfied 1972 (NL CBS) VG+ 25:-
X RICKY WILDE I am an astronaut/The hertfordshire rock 1972, NC (SW UK) VG+ 65:-
X STEVIE WONDER Master Blaster (2 versions) 1980 (SW Motown) VG+ 35:-
X PETE YORK'S NEW YORK Gimme some loving/Into the furnace 1980, B=instr. (GE Teldec) M- 25:-
X FLEXI PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER's INAUGURAL ADDRESS January 20, 1977, promo record (NL Sonopresse) VG+ 35:-

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