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ACE Time for another 1975, w. Paul Carrack, recorded at Rockfield Studios (UK Anchor) M- 90:-
ALICE Gioielli rubati 1985 (NL EMI) M- 65:-
CHARLES AZNAVOUR A tapestry of dreams 1974, gatefold (FR Barclay) M- 75:-
SHIRLEY BASSEY Thoughts of love 1976, soc (SW U.A.) M- 65:-
BEE GEES One 1989, soc (GE W.B.) VG+ 65:-
MIKE BERRY Rock's in my head 1976, cut corner (US Sire) M- 90:-
BOSSA RIO Live in Japan 1970, gatefold, great & rare bossa LP! (JAP King/Blue Thumb) M- 450:-
JACQUES BREL Brel 1977, gatefold (FR Barclay) M- 75:-
BROWNSVILLE STATION School punks 1974 (US Big Tree) VG++ 90:-
KATE BUSH Lionheart 1978, gatefold, soc (NL EMI) M- 90:-
JIM CAPALDI Whale meat again 1974, cut corner (US Island) M- 125:-
JIM CAPALDI The contender 1978 (UK Polydor) VG+ 90:-
BETH CARVALHO, ELZA SOARES E NOVOS BAIANOS Interpretam sambas que marcaram época 1981, samba (BR FIF) M- 150:-
BILL CHAMPLIN Single 1978, singer/songwriter, ex-Chicago (US Epic/Full Moon) M- 75:-
CHEECH Y CHONG Los cochinos 1973, humor (US Ode) M- 90:-
CLIFTON CHENIER On tour 1978 (FR Free Bird) M- 75:-
CHER I'd rather believe in you 1976, soc, some ringwear (US Warner Bros.) VG++ 75:-
BONNIE ST CLAIRE & UNIT GLORIA The rock goes on 1975 (NO Philips) VG+ 125:-
CLANNAD Magical ring 1983, soc (GE RCA) VG+ 75:-
ERIC CLAPTON No reason to cry 1976, w. insert, soc (GE RSO) M- 90:-
ERIC CLAPTON Timepieces 1982, Mexican press (MEX RSO) VG+ 75:-
ERIC CLAPTON Journeyman 1989, gatefold, incl. 30-page full colour programme (GE Duck) M- 90:-
ALLAN CLARKE I've got time 1976, solo album by the Hollies' singer (UK EMI) VG++ 90:-
LEONARD COHEN Songs of love and hate 1971, RE (NL CBS) VG+ 65:-
JUDY COLLINS Colors of the day - the best of.... 1972, butterfly label, soc (US Elektra) VG+ 65:-
RY COODER Bop till you drop 1979 (US W.B.) M- 90:-
ELVIS COSTELLO & ATTRACTIONS Armed forces 1978 (CA Columbia) VG++ 45:-
ELVIS COSTELLO & ATTRACTIONS Goodbye cruel world 1984, soc (NL F-Beat) VG+ 45:-
JOHN COUGAR American fool 1982, soc (GE WEA) M- 65:-
MARSHALL CRENSHAW same 1982 (GE W.B.) M- 75:-
MARSHALL CRENSHAW Field day (GE W.B.) M- 75:-
MARSHALL CRENSHAW Downtown 1985 , soc (GE W.B.) M- 65:-
JIM CROCE I got a name 1973 (US ABC) VG+ 90:-
CROSBY, STILLS & NASH CSN 1977 (US Atlantic) VG+ 90:-
CROSBY & NASH Whistling down the wire 1976 (US ABC) VG++ 90:-
CROSBY, STILLS & NASH Allies 1983, soc (GE Atlantic) VG+ 75:-
MICHAEL D'ABO (ex-Manfred Mann) Broken rainbows 1974, w. Graham Nash, Jordanaires, Mark Naftalin a.o. (US A&M) M- 90:-
JOHN DENVER Aerie 1972, slight ringwear (UK RCA Victor) VG++ 90:-
JOHN DENVER An evening with.... 2-LP 1975, w. poster, live (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
JOHN DENVER Windsong 1975, gatefold (US RCA Victor) M- 90:-
JOHN DENVER It's about time 1983, soc (GE RCA) M- 75:-
NEIL DIAMOND September morn 1979 (US CBS) VG+ 65:-
DIRE STRAITS Communique 1979 (NO Vertigo) VG+ 75:-
DIRE STRAITS Brothers in arms 1985, incl. "Walk of life", soc (NL Vertigo) M- 75:-
DOOBIE BROTHERS Stampede 1975, gatefold, slight ringwear (US W.B.) M- 65:-
BOB DYLAN Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 1973 (US Columbia) VG+ 90:-
BOB DYLAN Blood on the tracks 1974 (US CBS) VG+ 125:-
BOB DYLAN Street legal 1978, w. lyrics, small woc, soc (NL CBS) VG++ 90:-
BOB DYLAN Empire Burlesque 1985, soc (NL CBS) VG+ 90:-
BOB DYLAN Down in the groove 1988 (NL CBS) VG+ 90:-
BOB DYLAN Under the red sky 1990 (NL CBS) M- 90:-
EAGLES same 1972, their first album (US Asylum) VG+ 125:-
EAGLES Desperado 1973 (US Asylum) VG+ 125:-
EAGLES One of these nights 1975 (US Asylum) VG+ 90:-
EAGLES Their greatest hits 1971-1975 1976 (US Asylum) M- 75:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Subtle as a flying mallet 1975 (UK RCA) M- 90:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Tracks on wax 1978 (CA Swan Song) M- 90:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Tracks on wax 1978 (US Swan Song) VG+ 75:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Repeat when necessary 1979 (GE Swan Song) M- 90:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Twangin' 1981, small wobc (CA Swan Song) M- 75:-
DAVE EDMUNDS D.E. 7th 1982, soc (NL Arista) VG+ 75:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Riff raff 1984 (NL Arista) M- 90:-
DAVE EDMUNDS Closer to the flame 1989, incl. "King of love" (GE Capitol) VG+ 75:-
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA On the third day 1973, foldout cover, incl. great instrumental version of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" (UK Warner Bros.) VG+ 125:-
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Face the music 1975 (US U.A./Jet) VG+ 90:-
PHIL EVERLY Mystic line 1975 (UK PYE) VG++ 90:-
GLENN FREY No fun aloud 1982, solo album by Eagles guitarist/singer (GE Asylum) VG+ 150:-
ART GARFUNKEL Fate for breakfast 1979, soc (NL CBS) VG+ 75:-
ART GARFUNKEL My best 1984, soc (NL CBS) M- 75:-
ROBIN GIBB Walls have eyes 1985, soc (NL Polydor) VG+ 65:-
ASTRUD GILBERTO Now 1972 (US Perception) VG++ 90:-
DAVID GILMOUR About face 1984, 2nd solo album by Pink Floyd guitarist (GE Harvest) VG(+) 65:-
GOLDEN EARRING Contraband 1976, w. lyrics (GE Polydor) VG+ 90:-
GRASS ROOTS Alotta Mileage 1973, co (US Dunhill) M- 75:-
GRUPO PESQUISA Samba swing balanço 1982, samba (BR Fermata) M- 150:-
GUESS WHO American woman 1970, some creases on cover (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
JUSTIN HAYWARD & JOHN LODGE (of Moody Blues) Blue jays 1975, gatefold, soc (UK Treshold) VG+ 125:-
LEE HAZLEWOOD Trouble is a lonesome town 1971, soc (SW LHI) VG+ 125:-
DON HENLEY I can't stand still 1982, solo album by Eagles singer (GE Asylum) M- 125:-
MIKE HUGG (ex-Manfred Mann) Stress & strain 1973 (UK Polydor) VG+ 90:-
INMATES Shot in the dark 1980, their second album. Great pub rock! (UK Radarscope) VG+ 90:-
ELTON JOHN Tumbleweed connection 1971, gatefold, w. lyrics booklet (UK DJM) VG++ 125:-
ELTON JOHN same 1971, gatefold (UK DJM) VG+ 90:-
ELTON JOHN Greatest hits vol. 2 1977, w. booklet (UK DJM) M- 75:-
TOM JONES Memories don't leave like people do 1975 (UK Decca) VG+ 65:-
FINN KALVIK Fyll mine sejl 1976 (NO Polydor) VG(+) 65:-
FINN KALVIK Tenn dine vakre øyne 1982 (SW Polar) M- 75:-
LEO KOTTKE Chewing pine 1975 (US Capitol) M- 75:-
LEO KOTTKE Greenhouse 1976 (GE Capitol) M- 75:-
KURSAAL FLYERS Chocs away 1975 (UK UK Records) VG+ 75:-
CYNDI LAUPER She's so unusual 1983, incl."Girls just want to have fun" (NL Portrait) VG+ 65:-
GORDON LIGHTFOOT Sit down young stranger 1970 (US Reprise) VG++ 75:-
DARLENE LOVE Paint another picture 1988, ex-Crystals, soc (NL CBS) M- 75:-
NICK LOWE & HIS COWBOY OUTFIT All new material 1984, small soc (NL F-Beat) M- 65:-
MADONNA Like a virgin 1984, woc (GE Sire) M- 65:-
DEAN MARTIN You're the best thing that ever happened to me 1973, cut corner (US Reprise) VG+ 65:-
MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT Later that same year 1970, great folk rock/country rock. "Woodstock" not included on this one, just on the US release. (UK UNI) M- 150:-
DON McLEAN American pie 1971 (GE U.A.) VG+ 65:-
JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP Uh huh 1983, incl. "Authority song", great LP! (NL Mercury) M- 75:-
MEMBERS Going west 1983, British punk, promo sticker on cover (UK Albion) M- 125:-
BETTE MIDLER Thighs and whispers 1979, shrink wrap (US Atlantic) M- 65:-
VAN MORRISON Saint Dominic's preview 1972, cut corner (US Warner Bros.) VG+ 90:-
VAN MORRISON Hard nose the highway 1973, gatefold, cut corner (US Warner Bros.) VG+ 90:-
MOTORS Approved by the.... 1978 (UK Virgin) VG++ 90:-
MUD Mud Rock 1974, soc, slight ringwear (UK RAK) VG+ 75:-
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN First impressions 1974 (UK EMI) M- 75:-
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN Soul kiss 1985, gatefold (US MCA) M- 75:-
NOITE ILUSTRADA A profecia 1982, samba (BR Memória) M- 150:-
ORCHESTRA HARLOW Salsa 1974, vocals by Junior Gonzales, shrink wrap (US Fania) M- 350:-
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK Dazzle ships 1983, synth pop, soc (UK Telegraph) M- 75:-
TONY ORLANDO & DAWN To be with you 1976 (US Elektra) M- 65:-
LUÍS PEREZ Y SU ORQUESTA Merengues instrumentales 1971, recorded in the Dominican Republic, shrink wrap (US Rampa) VG+ 90:-
PINK FLOYD Dark side of the moon 1973, gatefold, woc, slight ringwear (UK EMI Harvest) VG(+) 65:-
PINK FLOYD Animals 1977, gatefold, some edgewear & ringwear, stmc (UK EMI Harvest) VG+ 65:-
PORTISHEAD Third 2-LP 2008, experimental rock/electronica, limited edition (US Mercury) M- 250:-
ALLA PUGACHOVA The mirror of the soul 1977 (RU Melodia) VG+ 90:-
SUZI QUATRO The Suzi Quatro story - 12 golden hits 1975, gatefold, soc, damage on inner sleeve (SW RAK) VG+ 75:-
SUZI QUATRO Suzi.... and other four letter words 1979, soc (SW RAK) VG+ 65:-
QUEEN A day at the races 1976, gatefold (UK EMI) M- 180:-
BONNIE RAITT Streetlights  1974, RE (US Warner Bros.) M- 75:-
RAMONES Ramones mania 2-LP 1988 (GE Sire) VG++ 150:-
LOU REED same 1972, some spinewear (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
LOU REED Transformer 1972, sobc (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
LOU REED Sally can't dance 1974 (US RCA Victor) M- 90:-
ISMAEL RIVERA CON SUS CACHIMBOS Vengo por la maceta 1973, gatefold, latin/salsa (US Tico) M- 150:-
ROCKPILE Seconds of pleasure 1980, gatefold (UK F-Beat) VG+ 90:-
ROGUE Fallen angels 1976, British soft rock trio, their first album (GE Polydor) M- 90:-
MICK RONSON Play don't worry 1974, gatefold, soc (UK RCA Victor) VG+ 75:-
LINDA RONSTADT same 1972, RE (US Capitol) M- 65:-
LINDA RONSTADT Simple dreams 1977, gatefold (US Asylum) VG+ 65:-
LINDA RONSTADT Mad love 1980, shrink wrap (US Asylum) M- 65:-
LINDA RONSTADT & NELSON RIDDLE ORCH. What's new 1983, soc (GE Asylum) M- 65:-
ROXY MUSIC For your pleasure 1973, gatefold, their second album (UK Island) VG+ 150:-
ROXY MUSIC Stranded 1973, their third album, gatefold, worn inner sleeve (UK Island) VG+ 125:-
ROXY MUSIC Siren 1975 (SW Island) VG+ 90:-
ROXY MUSIC Viva! 1976, live, gatefold (UK Island) VG+ 90:-
ROXY MUSIC Avalon 1982 (UK E.G.) VG+ 75:-
RUBETTES We can do it 1975, some ringwear (NO State) VG+ 65:-
BARRY RYAN Eloise 1970 (GE Karussell Gold) VG+ 75:-
SADISTA SISTERS same 1976, art rock, incl. press release (UK Transatlantic) VG+ 75:-
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE Moonshot 1972 (US Vanguard) M- 90:-
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE The universal soldier 1972, soc (SW Sonet Grand Prix) VG++ 90:-
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE Buffy 1974, gatefold (GE MCA) VG+ 90:-
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE Changing woman 1975 (US MCA) VG+ 90:-
SANNE SALOMONSEN Where blue begins 1991, soc (DK Virgin) VG+ 65:-
CARLOS SANTANA Havana moon 1983 (US Columbia) VG+ 65:-
TELLY SAVALAS (Kojak) This is.... 1972 (GE DJM) VG+ 75:-
TELLY SAVALAS (Kojak) Telly 1974, some spinewear (US MCA) VG+ 75:-
TELLY SAVALAS (Kojak) Who loves ya baby 1976 (GE MCA) VG+ 75:-
BOZ SCAGGS My time 1972, slight ringwear (NL CBS) VG+ 65:-
SEARCHERS Second take 1972, mainly re-recordings of their old hits, wobc (GE RCA International) VG+ 65:-
NEIL SEDAKA The fantastic.... 1975 (GE Polydor) VG+ 75:-
PAUL SIMON same 1972, incl. "Mother and child reunion", "Me and Julio down by the school yard" (UK CBS) VG+ 75:-
PAUL SIMON One trick pony 1980 (CA W.B.) M- 75:-
PAUL SIMON Graceland 1985, stmc, incl. "You can call me Al" (GE W.B.) VG+ 65:-
PAUL SIMON Graceland 1985, rare East Germany release (DDR Amiga) VG+ 90:-
PAUL SIMON The rhythm of the saints 1990 (GE W.B.) M- 75:-
SIMON & GARFUNKEL Greatest hits 1972, some spine wear (NL CBS) VG+ 65:-
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Live Texas Tornado 1983 (US Takoma) M- 90:-
JOE SOUTH Midnight rainbows 1975, cut corner (US Island) M- 75:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Greetings from Ashbury Park 1972, gatefold, his first album (US Columbia) VG+ 125:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born to run 1975, gatefold (NL CBS) VG++ 90:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE "E" STREETERS Winterland 1978 - Live in the Promised Land 1978 3-LP, rare bootleg, some ringwear, great sound! (FR Slipped Disc Records) VG+ 350:-
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Darkness on the edge of town 1978, w. lyrics, soc (NL CBS) M- 90:-
ALVIN STARDUST The untouchable 1974, incl. "My Coo Ca Choo", shrink wrap (GE Ariola) VG+ 75:-
STATUS QUO On the level 1975, gatefold, slight edgewear, soc (SW Vertigo) VG+ 90:-
STATUS QUO Blue for you 1976, gatefold (NL Vertigo) M- 90:-
STATUS QUO Pop gold 1978, great collection of 1960s/1970s songs, 1tr.=VG (GE PYE) VG+ 75:-
STATUS QUO "1982" 1982, stmc (NO Vertigo) M- 75:-
JOHN STEWART Dream babies go Hollywood 1980, soc (NO RSO) VG+ 75:-
SYLVAIN SYLVAIN same 1980, w insert (UK  RCA) M- 75:-
SYL SYLVAIN & TEARDROPS same 1981, w insert (US RCA Victor) M- 75:-
TALKING HEADS Stop making sense 1984, live, w. booklet (NL EMI) M- 75:-
TALKING HEADS Little creatures 1985 (CA Sire) M- 75:-
TALKING HEADS True stories 1986, soc (NL EMI) M- 75:-
TEN YEARS AFTER Rock & roll music to the world 1972, gatefold, stmc, wol (SW Chrysalis) VG(+) 75:-
TEN YEARS AFTER Recorded live 2-LP 1973 (FR Chrysalis) VG++ 150:-
PETE TOWNSHEND & RONNIE LANE Rough mix 1977 (UK Polydor) VG++ 90:-
T-REX Great hits 1972, soc (UK EMI/T-Rex) VG+ 90:-
U B 40 UB44 1982 (UK DEP International) VG+ 75:-
RANDY VANWARMER Terraform 1980, gatefold, his second album (US Bearsville) M- 75:-
SYLVIE VARTAN Fantaisie 1978, gatefold, soc (FR RCA Victor) VG+ 75:-
DIONNE WARWICK I'll never fall in love again 1970, gatefold, w. lyrics, Japanese release (JAP Scepter) M- 150:-
WATERBOYS The best of.... ´81-´90 1991, w. insert, soc (GE Chrysalis) M- 65:-
BILLY VERA same 1982, promo stamp on backside of cover (NL Alfa Records) VG+ 75:-
BILLY VERA & BEATERS By request - the best of.... 1987 (DK Mega) VG+ 75:-
BARRY WHITE Let the music play 1976 (NO 20th Century) M- 65:-
VISAGE The anvil 1982, synth/new wave, some edgewear (PORT Polydor) VG+ 65:-
ZZ TOP Eliminator 1983, soc (GE W.B.) M- 75:-
ZZ TOP Recycler 1990 (GE W.B.) M- 75:-

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