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ANDRÉ Y SU CONJUNTO Latin coctail hour 1967 (NL Philips) M- 90:-
CHET ATKINS Down home 1962, silver/yellow label (UK RCA Camden) VG++ 90:-
CHET ATKINS Guitar country 1964, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
CHET ATKINS From Nashville with love 1966, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG(+) 75:-
CHET ATKINS Chet 1967 (US RCA Camden) VG+ 90:-
CHET ATKINS Solo flights 1968, black label, sol (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
CHET ATKINS Solid gold '69 1969 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
CHET ATKINS Street dreams 1986 (NL CBS) M- 75:-
JOHN BARRY Play it again - themes from stage, screen and television 1974 (UK Polydor) VG+ 75:-
JOSS BASELLI Classiques du Musette no. 2 1972, musettedragspel (FR CBS) M- 75:-
EARL BOSTIC Plays bossa nova 1963, gd. sax instr. (US King) M- 90:-
JULIAN BREAM & JOHN WILLIAMS Live 2-LP 1979, gitarr (UK RCA Red Seal) VG++ 75:-
MEL BROWN Blues for we 1969, gatefold, one vocal track (US Impulse) VG+ 75:-
FRANKIE CARLE 12 double-barreled hits of '64 1964, sm. split (US RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
JO ANN CASTLE Ragtime melodies 1964, piano instr., soc (US Hamilton) VG+ 75:-
CHAQUITO Magic 1971, Easy Listening, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Big Band (UK Philips) M- 90:-
FLOYD CRAMER On the rebound 1961, orig. inner sleeve, great piano instr. (US RCA Victor) VG+ 150:-
FLOYD CRAMER The best of.... 1964, black label, small woc (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
FLOYD CRAMER The distinctive piano style of.... 1966, slight ringwear (GE RCA Camden) VG+ 90:-
FLOYD CRAMER Plays the Monkees 1967, orig. inner sleeve (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
FLOYD CRAMER Here's what's happening 1967 (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
FLOYD CRAMER Super country hits 1973 (US RCA Quadradisc) VG+ 75:-
DESPERATES same 1987, great Dutch gtr.instr. (SW Triola) M- 90:-
DUANE EDDY Dance with the guitar man 1962, great twangy gtr.instr., orig. inner sleeve (GE RCA) VG+ 150:-
DUANE EDDY Twangy guitar silky strings 1962, cover affected by moisture, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 75:-
DUANE EDDY The legends of rock 2-LP 1973, sobc, great collection of twangy guitar instros! (GE London) VG+ 125:-
GIANTS Beware of the Giants 1980, great Dutch gtr.instr. (NL DSR) M- 90:-
GIORGIO From here to eternity 1977, moog instr. (US Casablanca) M- 90:-
AL HIRT same 1965 (US Metro) VG+ 75:-
JAN & DEAN Anthology album - Legendary Masters Series vol. 3 2-LP 1978, rec. from 1958-68, great collection! (US U.A.) VG+ 90:-
EBBE JULARBO/PEPPARN Ebbe & Pepparn spelar Jularbo 1974, dragspel (SW Fjedur) M- 75:-
BJÖRN J:SON LINDH Musik: Björn J:son Lindh 1981 (SW Sonet) VG+ 75:-
LIONS Twist with the Lions 1962, co (US Metro) VG+ 75:-
RALPH LUNDSTEN Pop age/En sommarsaga 1983, soc, electronic music (SW Harvest) M- 90:-
PAUL MAURIAT Best album December 1970 2-LP, Japanese release (JAP Philips) VG+ 90:-
PAUL MAURIAT ORCH. Penelope 1971, gatefold, rare nude cover (JAP Philips) M- 275:-
PAUL MAURIAT ORCH. Special 1973 (GE Philips) M- 90:-
ROBERT MAXWELL & HIS HARP ORCH. Ebb tide 1968 (JAP Decca) M- 150:-
SANDY NELSON Drums and more drums! 1968 (US Sunset) VG+ 75:-
ÅKE "HANK" NILSSON Gitarrgodingar 1 1976, great gtr. instr.(SW Tyfon) M- 90:-
CHARLIE NORMAN Boogie woogie 1969, inkl. Anitras dans (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
CHARLIE NORMAN Charlie.... 1970 (SW Polar) VG+ 90:-
CHARLIE NORMAN Garner & hemvävt 1973, soc (SW Polar) VG+ 90:-
PEPPARN m. EBBE JULARBO & SKÄGGISARNA Nää, nu jäsicken!  1973, soc (SW RoundUp) VG+ 75:-
JEAN-LUC PONTY Upon the wings of music 1975, surface marks that does not affect playing (US Atlantic) VG+ 75:-
FRANK POURCEL James Bond's greatest hits 1973, co, some edgewear (US Paramount) VG+ 65:-
PEREZ PRADO Fiesta Cubana 1968, soc (GE Sunset) VG+ 75:-
PEREZ PRADO Havana 3 A.M. 1972 release of 1956 album, gatefold (JAP RCA Victor) M- 150:-
PROFESSOR BUMBLE Magic moog nursery rhymes 1975, moog versions of 23 nursery rhymes, soc (UK Contour) M- 90:-
BOOTS RANDOLPH Sweet talk 1965, great sax instr. plus some vocals (US RCA Camden) VG+ 90:-
BOOTS RANDOLPH More Yakety sax 1966, plum label (UK London) VG 75:-
BOOTS RANDOLPH Sunday sax 1968 (GE Monument) M- 90:-
BOOTS RANDOLPH Plays the great hits of today 1972, slight ringwear (US Monument) M- 90:-
MONGO SANTAMARIA Soul bag 1968, Japanese release (JAP Sony/CBS) M- 250:-
MONGO SANTAMARIA Mongo's way 1971, shrink wrap (US Atlantic) M- 125:-
SANTO & JOHNNY Music for lovers 1967, gd. gtr./steel guitar instr., 1tr.=VG (GE Somerset) VG+ 65:-
JANNE SCHAFFER Janne Schaffer's andra LP 1974, gatefold, soc, great gtr.instr.! (SW Europafilm) VG+ 75:-
JANNE SCHAFFER Katharsis 1976, soc, slight edgewear (NL CBS) VG+ 75:-
RAVI SHANKAR Inside the Kremlin 1989, soc (GE Private Music) VG+ 75:-
SPOTNICKS The Spotnicks in Paris - Dansons avec les Spotnicks 1963, their second album (SW Karusell) VG+ 150:-
SPOTNICKS In Stockholm 1970 press of 1964 album, instr./vocal (SW InterDisc) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS The best of.... 1965, 1tr.=VG, instr./voc., sobc (GE Polydor) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS In Acapulco 1967 (SW SweDisc) VG+ 125:-
SPOTNICKS The great snowman 1977 (SW Mariann International) VG++ 90:-
SPOTNICKS We don't wanna play Amapola no more 1982, incl. some vocals (SW Mill) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS In the middle of the universe 1983 (SW Mill) M- 90:-
SPOTNICKS At home in Gothenburg 1984 release of 1965 album (SW SweDisc) M- 90:-
SPOTNICKS In time 1986, soc (SW Mill) M- 90:-
TRINIDAD STEEL BAND same 1956, steel band music (US Audio Fidelity) VG(+) 125:-
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BAND Hail, Sousa! 1968, march music (US Vanguard) M- 75:-
BILLY VAUGHN Mexican pearls 1965, sm. split (US Dot) VG+ 65:-
VENTURES same 1961, needle jump on B1 (US Dolton) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES In space 1964, sobc, 2tr.=VG - (US Dolton) VG(+) 75:-
VENTURES In space 1964, wobc, great gtr.instr. LP! (UK Liberty) VG+ 125:-
VENTURES À go go 1965 (US Dolton) VG(+) 90:-
VENTURES À go go 1965, some creases on over, great gtr.instr. (UK Liberty) VG+ 150:-
VENTURES same 1966, sm. split, great LP! (US Dolton) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES On stage around the world 1967 release of 1965 album, "Dolton" on cover - it was released this way (US Liberty) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES Guitar genius of.... 1967, some ringwear (US Sunset) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES Guitar genius of.... 1967, great LP!" (US Sunset) VG+ 125:-
VENTURES Great performances vol. 1 1968, great collection, toc (UK Liberty) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES Let's dance with.... 1969, great compilation! (GE Sunset) VG+ 90:-
VENTURES On stage - Live in Japan 2-LP 1975 (GE U.A.) VG+ 150:-
V.A. MUSIC FOR TEENS w, John Wallis & His Boys, Jack Barner & His Soloists, Pablo Roteros Mexicans etc. 1967 (GE Metronome) VG+ 75:-
V.A. UK INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS OF THE 80s w. Mike Maxfield, Vintage, Counterpoint 1988, great gtr.instr. (SW Triola) M- 125:-

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