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50s/60s 7" SINGLES

   PAUL ANKA Your love/Lonely boy 1959 (IT Columbia) VG(+)
X RE PAUL ANKA Love me warm and tender/A steel guitar and a glass of wine 1972, rec. 1962 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
   CILLA BLACK For no one/A fool am I 1966, NC (SW Parlophone) VG(+)
X "COCA COLA A GO GO Vol. 2" The Coca Cola Jingle A GoGo med Ray Charles, Everly Brothers och The Sound 67 Group & Refreshers (SW Coca Cola) VG+
X MICHEL DELPECH Wight is wight/same (instr.) 1969 /2X/ (FR Barclay) VG+
O EMILE FORD On a slowboat to China/That lucky old sun 1960, NC (SW Metronome) VG+/VG
O RE GERRY & PACEMAKERS Ferry 'cross the Mersey/Don't let the sun catch you crying 1983, 1964 rec. (UK Old Gold) M-
X ROCCO GRANATA Marina/Manuela 1959, soc, sol (GE Columbia) VG
X PETER HOLM Monia (in French)/My prayer 1968 (FR Barclay) VG
X SONNY JAMES Running bear/A midnight mood 1969, cw (SW Capitol) VG(+)
X TOM JONES Help yourself/Day by day 1968, NC, woc (GE Decca) VG(+)
X JIM REEVES Distant drums/My Juanita 1966, NC (GE RCA Victor) VG
   MERRILEE RUSH & TURNABOUTS Angel of the morning/Reap what you sow 1968 (US Bell) VG+
O DAVID SEVILLE & CHIPMUNKS Alvin's harmonica/Mediocre 1958, B=instr., cw (UK London) VG+
X FRANK SINATRA Ol' Mac Donald/You'll always be the on I love 1960 (DK Capitol) VG+
X GERHARD WENDLAND Weil ich so viel von dir weiß/Honey 1969 (GE Philips) VG+


X NINO ROSSO Il silenzio/Clown 1965, green vinyl (SW Sonet) VG+



X LILI & SUSSIE We were only dancing/Miss you 1988 (SW EMI) M-
X JAN MALMSJÖ En sång en gång för längesen/Puff (en pappersdrake) 1967 (SW CBS) VG(+)
X JAN MALMSJÖ Två kamrater/Evert Taube/Rosen 1970 (SW CBS) M-
X ARNE QUICK & GÖSTA "SNODDAS" Barnatro/Stugan vid strand 1970, utgiven av Saxons veckotidning (SW Saxons) VG(+)
X ARNE QUICK & GÖSTA SNODDAS Barnatro/Stugan vid strand 1970, stmc, utgiven av Saxons veckotidning (SW Saxons) VG++
X JERRY WILLIAMS & BOPPERS Who's gonna follow you home/When your heartache is over 1990 (SW Sonet) VG+

70s-90s 7" SINGLES

   AIRWAVES Nobody is/Hope you won't 1977 (UK rockfield) VG+                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
X B-52's Channel Z/Junebug 1989 (GE Reprise) M-
X ERICK BAMY We had it ladida/Ridin' on 1978, disco (FR RCA Victor) VG+
X BANANA AIRLINES Calypso amore/Yes we have no bananas 1984 (NO desperado) VG+
X BANGLES Eternal flame/What I meant to say 1989 (NL CBS) M-
X TONI BASIL Mickey/Hanging around 1981 (UK Radialchoice) VG+
X TONI BASIL Street beat/Rock on 1983 (UK Radialchoice) VG+
X SHIRLEY BASSEY Never, never, never/Day by day 1972 (FR U.A.) VG+
X STEVE BENDER The final thing, part 1 & 2 1976, disco (GE Telefunken) VG+
X EDOARDO BENNATO Viva la mamma/Abbi dubbi 1989, soc (GE Virgin) VG+
X BARBI BENTON Ain't that just the way/The Reverend Bob 1976 (GE Playboy) VG+
X LOREDANA BERTÉ Grida/Ricominciare 1978 (NL CBS) VG+ 
X HANNE BOEL Light in your heart/How do you stop 1990, sol (NL Medley) M-
X BONEY M The carnival is over/Going back west 1982 (NL Ariola) VG+
X BOOMTOWN RATS Banana republic/Man at the top 1980 (GE Mercury) VG+
X DAVID BOWIE Cat people (putting out fire)/Paul's theme (jogging chase) 1982 (US MCA/Backstage) VG+
X LAURA BRANIGAN Solitaire/I'm not the only one 1983 (GE Atlantic) VG+
X LAURA BRANIGAN Self control/Silent partners 1984, small cw (GE Atlantic) VG+
X EVE BRENNER La plus grande voix du monde/Le matin sur la rivière 1976 (FR Pathé) VG+
X SARAH BRIGHTMAN Love in a U.F.O./Illusions of love 1979 (GE Hansa) VG+
X ELKIE BROOKS Since you went away/Too precious 1978 (UK A&M) VG+
X BÒBBY BROWN My prerogative/Girl next door 1988 (GE MCA) VG+
O JAMES BROWN Bodyheat part 1 & 2 1976, small cw (US Polydor) M-
O JAMES BROWN Nature (part 1)/The spank 1978, sm. split (US Polydor) VG+
X JAMES BROWN Gravity (2 diff.) 1986, soc (NL Scotti Brothers) VG+
O JOE & VICKI BROWN All things bright and beautiful/To be a pilgrimn 1977 (UK Power Exchange) VG+
X BUGGLES Video killed the radio star/Kid Dynbamo 1979 (UK Island) VG+/VG
X RAY CHARLES Nothing like a hundred miles/Save the bones for Henry Jones 1988 (NL CBS) M-
X RAY CHARLES I'll take care of you/Child support, alimony 1990 (GE W.B.) M-
X CHER Love and understanding/Trail of broken hearts 1990 (GE Geffen) M-
O CHRISTIE Iron horse/Every now and then 1972 (UK CBS) VG++
X ERIC CLAPTON w. TINA TURNER Tearing us apart/Hold on 1987, soc (GE Duck/W.B.) VG+
X PETULA CLARK Don't cry for me Argentina/A carousel 1977 (NL CBS) VG+
X CLIMIE FISHER Love changes (everything)/Never close to the show 1987 (NL EMI) VG+
X LLOYD COLE & COMMOTIONS Lost weekend/Big world 1985 (UK Polydor) M-
X JEFF COLLINS Rock-a-bye/Schoolgirl love 1973 (GE polydor) VG+
X ROGER JAMES COOKE Today I killed a man I didn't know/Stop 1970 (SW Columbia) VG(+)
X RITA COOLIDGE All time high (2 versions) 1983, theme from "Octopussy" (NL A&M) VG+
X ELVIS COSTELLO & ATTRACTIONS I wanna be loved/Turning the town red 1984 (NL F-Beat) VG+
X JULIE COVINGTON Don't cry for me Argentina/Rainbow high 1976, soc (GE MCA) VG+
X RANDY CRAWFORD Imagine/Tender falls the rain 1982 (GE W.B.) VG+
X ALEXANDER CURLY I'll never drink again/Lady Annabelle 1972 (NL Negram) VG+
X TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY Let her down easy/Turn trhe page 1993, limited edition, WHITE VINYL (UK Columbia) VGF+
X DANDY Love potion no. 9/Any way you want it 1979 (UK RCA Victor) VG+                                                                                                                                                                                                        
X DARTS The boy from New York City/Bones 1978, gd. revival (UK Magnet) VG+
X DARTS The boy from New York city/Bones 1978, sobc (UK Magnet) M-
X DARTS Come back my love/Naff off 1978, UK cover (SW Magnet) M-
X DARTS Duke of earl/I've got to have my way 1979, soc (GE Magnet) VG+
X DARTS Reet petite/Honey bee 1979 (UK Magnet) VG+
X DARTS White Christmas/Sh-boom (Life couldf be a dream)Don't say yes 1980 (UK Magnet) VG+
X DARTS Let's hang on/Cairoli 1980 (SW Magnet) VG+
X F.R. DAVID Words/When the sun goes down 1982 (FR Carrere) VG+
X SAMMY DAVIS, JR. Song and dance man/Snap your fingers 1976 (SW 20th Century Records) M-
X TAYLOR DAYNE Prove your love/Upon the journey's end 1988 (GE Arista) VG+
X DEAD OR ALIVE Brand new lover/In too deep (live) 1988 (NL Epic) VG+
X RICK DEES & HIS CAST OF IDIOTS Disco Duck, p. 1 & 2 1976 (GE RSO) VG+
O RICK DERRINGER Rock and roll,hoochie koo/Time warp (instr.) 1973 (US Blue Sky) VG+
X THOMAS DOLBY Europa and the Pirate Twins/Therapy-Growth 1981 (GEParlophone) VG+
O CAROL DOUGLAS Burnin'/ Let's get down to doin' it tonight 1978 (US Midsong International) VG+
X DR.FEELGOOD See you later alligator/I love you so you're mine 1986 (SW Stiff) VG+
X SHEENA EASTON Eternity/Shockwave 1987, soc (GE EMI) VG+                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
X ERASURE Who needs love/Push meshove me 1985 (NL Mute) VG+
X GLORIA ESTEFAN Get on your feet/1,2,3 (live) 1989 (NL Epic) VG+
X GLORIA ESTEFAN Here we are/1,2,3 (live) 1989 (NL Epic) VG+
X GLORIA ESTEFAN Oye mi canto (Hear my voice)/same(Spanish) 1989 (NL Epic) VG+                                                                                                                                                                                                     
X GLORIA ESTEFAN Live for loving you(2 versions) 1991 (NL Epic) VG+
X EURYTHMICS Julia/Ministry of love 1984 (GE Virgin) VG+
X JOSÉ FELICIANO Shake a hand/there's no one about 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X BRYAN FERRY The right stuff (2 versions) 1987 (UK Virgin) VG+
X FOUR TOPS Sweet understanding love/Main Street people 1973, cut corner (GE Probe) VG+
X SAMANTHA FOX Do ya do ya (wanna please me)/Drop me a line 1985 (NL Jive) VG+
X ARETHA FRANKLIN Ain't nobody ever loved you/Integrity 1986 (UK Arista) VG+
X ARETHA FRANKLIN Jimmy Lee/An angel cries 1987 (GE Arista) VG+  
X GLENN FREY Livin' right/I did it for your love 1988 (GE MCA) M-
X PETER GABRIEL Sledgehammer/Don't break this rhythm 1986 (GE Virgin) VG+
X ART GARFUNKEL Sometimes when I'm dreaming/Scissors cut 1984, soc (NL CBS) VG+
X JOHN GARY I am what I am/All of my life 1972 (SW RCA Victor) VG+
X MARVIN GAYE (Sexual) Healing/My love is waiting 1988, rec. from 1982 (UK Old Gold) VG+
X GEIER STURZFLUG Bruttosozialprodukt/Früher oder später 1982 (GE Ariola) VG+
X J. GEILS BAND Angel in blue/River blindness 1981 (UK EMI America) VG+
X ANDY GIBB Shadow dancing/Too many looks in your eyes 1978, Yugoslavian release (YUG RSO/RTB) VG+
X GILLA Why don't you do it (Tu' es)/A baby of love 1976 (SP RCA Victor) VG+
X GARY GLITTER I'm the leader of the gang (I am!)/Just fancy that 1973 (GE Bell) VG+
X GARY GLITTER Dance me up/Too young to dance 1984 (NL Arista) VG+
X PETER GRIFFIN Spiderman/Just when I needed you most 1979 (FR Avalanche) VG+
O HOLLIES Wiggle that wotsit/Corrine 1976 /2X/ (UK Polydor) VG+
X HOLLIES Baby come back/Hillsborough 1989, woc (GE WEA) VG+
X HOOTERS 500 miles/Deliver me 1989 (NL CBS) VG+
X WHITNEY HOUSTON One moment in time/Kashif 1988 (GE Arista) VG+
X WHITNEY HOUSTON All the man that I need/Dancin' on the smooth edge 1990 (UK Arista) VG+
X WHITNEY HOUSTON My name is not Susan (2 versions) 1991 (GE Arista) VG+
X WHITNEY HOUSTON I will always love you/Jesus loves me 1992 (GE Arista) VG+
X BILLY HOWARD King of the cops/The disco cops 1975, songs including great imitations of wellknown TV cops, like Columbo, Kojak, Cannon, McCloud etc  (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X INCA BULLET JOE Nothing has changed/She 1971 (NL Philips) VG+
X DEE D. JACKSON Automatic lover/Didn't think you'd do it 1978 (SW Mercury) VG+
X JANET JACKSON Control/Pretty boy 1986 (UK A&M) VG+
X JANET JACKSON Let's wait awhile/Nasty 1987 (GE A&M) VG+
X MARLON JACKSON Don't go (2 versions) 1987 (US Capitol) VG+
X JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Planes/Upfront blues (instr.) 1989 (NL Epic) VG+
X JIVE BUNNY & MASTERMIXERS Swing the mood/Glenn Miller medley 1989 (NL Mega) VG+
X LINTON KWESI JOHNSON Want fi goh rave? (2 versions) 1979, NC (UK Island) VG+
X GRACE JONES Party girl/White collar crime 1987 (NL Manhattan) VG+
X KAOMA Lambada (2 versions) 1989 (NL CBS) VG+
X CHAKA KHAN I feel for you/Chinatown 1984 (GE W.B.) VG+
X CHAKA KHAN Love of a lifetime/Coltrane dreams 1985 (GE W.B.) VG+
X KID CREOLE & COCONUTS The lifeboat party/Gina Gina 1983 (SW Island/Ze) VG+
X B.B. KING Ain't nobody home/Lay another log on the fire 1989, from the Lewis commercial (GE MCA) VG+
O KINKS Summer's gone/Going solo 1984 (US Arista) VG+
X EARTHA KITT Where is my man (2 versions) 1983, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X GLADYS KNIGHT & PIPS Love overboard (2 diff.) 1987 (GE MCA) VG+
X JOHN KONGOS He's gonna step on you again/Sometimes it's not enough 1971, NC (SW Sonet) VG
X KOREANA Hand in hand/Victory 1988, officia l'88 Seoul Olympic Song (GE Polydor) VG+
X KIM LARSEN & JUNGLEDREAMS Red lights/'Til tomorrow 1982 (NL CBS) VG+
X JONA LEWIE Stop the cavalry/Laughing tonight 1978, soc /2X/ (UK Stiff) VG+    
X JONA LEWIE You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties/Bureaucrats 1980, woc (SW Stiff) VG+
X JONA LEWIE Louise (we get it right)/It never will go wrong 1981, soc (UK Stiff) M-
X LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS Mama Lou/I'm from the South, I'm from Ge-o-orgia 1973 (GE Decca) VG+
X LIPPS INC. Funkytown/All night dancing 1979 (SW Casablanca) VG+                                                                                                                                                             
X LITTLE RICHARD Operator/Bighouse reunion 1986 (GE WEA) VG+
X LITTLE SAMMY GAHA Rock'n'roll is back again/Come'n' on strong 1972 (GE Metronome) VG+
X NILS LOFGREN Flip ya flip/New holes in old shoes 1985 (UK Towerbell) VG+
X NILS LOFGREN Valentine (2 versions) 1991 (GE Intercord) VG+
X LOS LOBOS La bamba/Charlena 1987 (NL London) VG+
X BILL LOVELADY One more reggae for the road/On the road 1979 (SW Mercury) VG+
O MADNESS My girl/Stepping into line 1979 (UK Stiff) VG+
X MADONNA Into the groove/Shoo-bee-doo 1985, soc (GE Sire) VG+
X MADONNA The look of love/I know it 1987, soc (GE Sire) VG+
X MADONNA Hanky panky/More 1990 (GE Sire) M-
X PENNY McLEAN 1-2-3-4 Fire!/The wizard bump 1976 (GE Jupiter) VG+
X MECO Theme from "Close Encounters"/Roman nights 1977, promosol (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP Paper in fire/Never too old 1987 (NL Mercury) VG+
X MIDDLE OF THE ROAD Tweedle dee tweedle dum/Give it time 1971, toc (GE RCA Victor) VG+                                                                                                                                                                                                      
X MIDDLE OF THE ROAD Soley soley/To remind me 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X BETTE MIDLER Beast of burden/Come back, Jimmy Dean 1983 (GE Atlantic) VG+
X BETTE MIDLER Favorite waste of time/My eyeon you 1983 (GE Atlantic) VG+
X BETTE MIDLER Under theboardwalk/The friendship theme 1988, soc (GE Atlantic) VG+
X STEVE MILLER BAND Abracadabra/Never say no 1982 (NL Mercury) VG+
X KYLIE MINOGUE Step back in time (2 versions) 1987 (NL PWL) VG+
X NANA MOUSKOURI Only love/L'amour en heritage 1984  (SW CArrere) VG+
O MUD Why do fools fall in love/Run,don't walk 1978, wol, woc (UK RCA Victor) VG+
X NENA 99 Luftballons/Ich bleib' im Bett 1983 (GE CBS) VG+
X NEW SEEKERS I'd like to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony)/Boom town 1972, soc (NO Philips) VG+
X OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN Totally hot/Talk to me 1978 (SW Polar) VG+
O OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN Physical/The promise (the dolphin song) 1981 (US MCA) VG+
X OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN Physical/The promise (the dolphin song) 1981 (SW Polar) VG+
X STEVIE NICKS Sometimes it's a bitch/Desert angel 1991 (GE EMI) M-
O MAXINE NIGHTINGALE Right back where we started from/Believe in what you do 1975 (US U.A.) VG+
X BILLY OCEAN Nights/Everlasting love 1980 (NL GTO) VG+
X OPUS Live is life/Up and down 1984 (GE Polydor) VG+
X DONNY OSMOND Puppy love/Let my people go 1972, soc (GE MGM)  VG+                                 
X PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC Are you ready/Staggolee 1970, soc (SW CBS) VG+/VG
X PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC (Love is like a) Heat wave/We did what we could do 1970, NC (SW CBS) VG+
X VANESSA PARADIS Tandem/Ophelie 1990 (GE Polydor) M-
X DOLLY PARTON 9 to 5/Sing for the common man 1980 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X PASADENAS Riding on a train/A little love 1988 (NL CBS) VG+
X PET SHOP BOYS It's a sin/You know where you went wrong 1987, woc (GE Parlophone) VG+
X PLATINUM POP This year's blonde/We've got it all 1981 (UK Creole) VG+
X BONNIE POINTER Free me from my freedom/Tie me to a tree (handcuff me) 1978, RED VINYL (US Motown) VG+
X BILLY PRESTON And dance/Kick-it 1984 (SW Tandan) VG+
X PRETENDERS Message of love/Porcelain 1981 (UK Real) VG+
X PRETENDERS Hymn to her/Room full of mirrors 1986 (GE WEA) VG+
X PRIMITIVES Out of reach/Really stupid 1988 (UK RCA) VG+
X ANTHONY QUINN Charlie/Life itself will let you know 1981 (UK WEA) VG+
X BILLY RANKIN Baby come back/Part of the scenery 1983 (NL A&M)VG+
X RARE EARTH I know I'm losing you/When Joanie smiles 1970, cw (NL Rare Earth) VG+
X RITZ Dance until you drop/Anyone who had a heart 1979 (NL Epic) VG+
X ROCKERS GALORE Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/Lucy 1987 (UK Jive) VG+
X ROCKIN' JIMMY & THE BROTHERRS OF THE NIGHT Rockin' all nite/Angel eyes 1982 (GE Sonet) VG+
X ROCKIN' SIDNEY My toot toot/My zydeco shoes 1985 (NL Philips) M-
X TONY RONALD Help (get me some help)/Tu nombre 1971 (SP Movie Play) VG+
O LINDA RONSTADT Blue bayou/Old paint 1977 (US Asylum) VG+
X LINDA RONSTADT How do I make you/Rambler gambler 1980 (US Asylum) VG+
X LINDA RONSTADT Tell him/Lies 1982, stmc (GE Asylum) VG+
X DIANA ROSS Last time I saw him/Save the children 1972, soc (GE Tamla Motown) M-
X DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE Endless love (2 versions)                                                                                                                                             1981 (GE Motown) VG+
   ROXY MUSIC Love is the drug/Sultanesque 1975 (UK Island) VG+
X ROXY MUSIC Jealous guy/The same old scene 1981 (GE EG) VG+
X JENNIFER RUSH The power of love/I see a shadow (not a fantasy) 1984 (NL CBS) VG+
X SABRINA Boys/Get ready 1987 (DK Mega) VG+                                                                                                                                                                 
X SABRINA Like a yo yo/Doctors order 1989, woc (DK Mega) VG+
X SANNE SALOMONSEN & ANNE LINNET Den jeg elsker elsker jeg (2 versions) 1988 (DK Pladecompagniet) VG+
X SAMANTHA Y viva España/Nuestra historia 1972 (SP Discophon) VG+
X SANTABARBARA Charly/San José 1973 (SP Harvest) VG+
X MICHEL SARDOU La chanson d'adieu/Le surveillant general 1972 (FR Tema) M-
O BOZ SCAGGS Jojo/Do like you do in New York 1980 (US Columbia) VG+
   SEASHELLS Maybe I know/Turning the good into bad 1972, NC (UK CBS) VG+
X SHAG Loop di love/Lay it down 1972 (SW UK Records) VG+
X SHAKIN' STEVENS This ole house/Let me show you how 1981 (NL Epic) VG+
X SHAKIN' STEVENS You drive me crazy/Baby you're a child 1981 (NL Epic) VG+
X SHAKIN' STEVENS Shirley/I'm for you 1982 (NL Epic) M-
X PETER SHELLEY Love me love my dog/My sweet deutsche friend 1974, soc (GE Ariola) VG+
O SHOCKING BLUE Blossom lady/Is this a dream 1971, NC (NL Pink Elephant) VG
O SILVER CONVENTION No, no, Joe/Another girl 1974 (US Midland International) VG+
O PAUL SIMON Loves me like a rock/Learn how to fall 1973, soc (SW CBS) VG+
X SISTER SLEDGE Frankie/Hold out poppy 1985 (GE Atlantic) VG+
X SLADE My oh my/Keep your hands off my power supply 1983 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X SONS & DAUGHTERS Darling (2 versions) 2008 (UK Domino) VG+
X SOULFUL DYNAMICS Mademoiselle Ninette/Monkey 1970, sobc, woc (SW Philips) VG(+)
X SPANDAU BALLET Pleasure (2 versions) 1983, sobc (SW Chrysalis) VG+
X DUSTY SPRINGFIELD In private (2 versions) 1989 (GE Parlophone) VG+                                                                                                                                                                                         
   RAY STEVENS The streak/You've got the music inside 1974, classic! (US Barnaby) VG+
X STEPHEN STILLS Stranger/No hiding place 1984, soc (GE Atlantic) M-
X STING w. ERIC CLAPTON It's probably me (2 versions) 1992 (GE A&M) VG+
X BARBRA STREISAND & DON JOHNSON Till I loved you/Two people 1988, soc (NL CBS) VG+
X STYLISTICS Betcha by golly, wow/Ebony eyes 1972 (SW Avco Embassy) VG+
O DONNA SUMMER love to love you baby/Need-a-man blues 1975, soc (SW Polar) VG+
X SURVIVOR Burning heart/Feels like love 1985 (NL Scotti Brothers) VG+
X BILLY SWAN I can help/Ways of a woman in love 1974 (SW Monument) VG+
X SWEATHOG Hallelujah/Still on the road 1971, soc (NL CBS) VG++
X T-CONNECTION Love odyssey/Might as well dance 1983 (NL Capitol) VG+
X TECHNOTRONIC Pump up the jam (2 versions) 1989 (DK Mega) M-
X TEQUILATRONIX & MC DIZZY D La cucaracha (2 versions) 1990 (GE WEA) VG+
X TEMPTATIONS Mother nature/Funky music sho nuff turns me on 1972 (NL Tamla Motown) VG+                                                                                    
O THE DEVASTATING AFFAIR That's how it was/It's so sad 1973, cw - piece of cover missing (SW Tamla Motown) VG+
X THE KNACK My Sharona/Let me out 1979 (UK Capitol) VG+
X LINDA G. THOMPSON Put a little love in your heart/Laid back love 1977, ex-Silver Convention (GE Jupiter) VG+
X THREE DEGREES Giving up, giving in/Falling in love again 1978 (GE Ariola) VG+
X TANITA TIKARAM Twist in my sobriety/Friends 1988, woc (GE WEA) VG+
X TOTO Hold the line/Takin' it back 1978 (NL CBS) VG+
X TOTO COELO I eat cannibals (2 versions) 1982, small cw (UK Radialchoice) VG+
X PETE TOWNSHEND Rough boys/And I moved 1980 (GE Atco) VG+
X JOHN TRAVOLTA & OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN You're the one that I want/Alone at a drive-in movie (instr.) 1978 (GE RSO) VG+
X BONNIE TYLER It's a heartache/got so used to loving you 1977 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X UB 40 Don't walk on the grass/Dr X 1981 (NL Epic) VG+
X UB 40 Homely girl/Gator (instr.) 1989 (GE Virgin/DEP) VG+
   UK SUBS Warhead/The harper/I'm waiting for the man 1980 (UK Gem) VG+
X TRACEY ULLMAN Sunglasses/Candy 1984 (SW Stiff) VG+
X TRACEY ULLMAN Helpless/Falling in and out of love 1984 (SW Stiff) VG+
X RANDY VANWARMER Just when I needed you most/Your light 1979 (US Bearsville) VG+/VG
   WAR Youngblood (livin' in the streets), p. 1 & 2 1978 (US U.A.) VG+
X ROBERT VARGA & THE CONVERGE ALL STARS Not anymore/Walk on by 1986, w.photo & press release (SW Volume Records) VG+
X DINAH WASHINGTON Mad about the boy/God bless the child 1992, rec. from 1961/1963, from the Lewis commercial (GE Mercury) VG+
X WAS NOT WAS Papa was a rolling stone/Ballad of you 1990 (GE Fontana) VG+
X WEATHER GIRLS It's raining men (2 versions) 1982 (NL CBS) VG+
X WILD CHERRY Play that funky music/The lady wants your money 1976, sobc (NL Epic) VG+
X KIM WILDE Child come away/Just another guy 1982 (NL RAK) M-
X STEVE WINWOOD Roll with it/The morning side 1988 (GE Virgin) M-
X PETER WOLF Come as you are/Thick as thieves 1987 (GE EMI America) VG+
X STEVIE WONDER Skeletons (2 versions) 1987 (GE Motown) VG+
X STEVIE WONDER I just called to say I love you(2 versions) 1984 (GE Motown) VG+
X ROY YOUNG Rag mama rag/Give it all to you 1971 (GE MCA) VG+



O BEACH BOYS Long promised roaf/Dierdre 1971 (UK Stateside) VG+


X RANDY CRAWFORD Imagine/Tender falls the rain 1992 (GE W.B.) M-
O MARY HOPKIN Those were the days/Turn turn turn 1968, omslag från PUB Grammofon (UK Apple) VG(+)
X PAUL McCARTNEY Pipes of peace/So bad 1983 (NL Parlophone) VG+
X PAUL McCARTNEY Spies like us/My carnival 1985, some ringwear, stmc (NL Parlophone) VG+



X CORINNE HERMÈS Si la vie est cadeau/Pour un jour de toi 1983, soc (NL Polydor) M- 
X SANDRA KIM J'aime la vie/same (instr.) 1986 (SW Carrere) M-


X LITA FORD Hungry/Big gun 1990, woc (GE RCA) VG+
X GUN Steal your fire/Don't blame me 1992 (GE A&M) M-
X GUN Welcome to the real world/Standing in your shadow 1992 (UK A&M) VG+
X J.J. PARADISE PLAYERS CLUB Teddy salad/Never in my life 2001 (US Tee Pee Records) M-
X SKIN'BONES Cover me with roses/Kiss this 1990 (DK Equinox) M-


X COMMON MARKET (I can¨t get no) Satisfaction/Malissa (he's my baby) 1974, small woc (FR Riviera) VG+


X ROXETTE Never ending love (2 different) 1986 (SW EMI) VG+



X GEORGIA GIBBS "The hula hoop song"/Keep in touch/The hucklebuck/Better loved you'll never be 1958, cover M-, some bubbles in vinyl - does not affect playing (DK Sonet) VG
X TRINI LOPEZ "Canta en español" La malagueña/Cucurrucu paloma/Granada/Chamaca 1964 (SP Reprise) VG(+) 35:-
X V.A. "ASTRID LINDGRENS TJORVEN, BÅTSMAN OCH MOSES Tjorven får en sälunge/Alla grodor är förtrollade prinsar 1964, NC (SW Telefunken) VG(+)


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