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   1910 FRUITGUM CO. The train/Eternal light 1969, B=instr., en av deras svårare singlar (US Buddah) VG+ 65:-
X PAUL ANKA In my imagination/It's easy to say 1964, small cw (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
RE JEFF BECK Hi ho silver lining/Beck's bolero/Rock my plimsoul 1973 release of 1967 recordings (UK RAK) VG+ 45:-
X MARCIE BLAINE Bobby's girl/A time to dream 1962 (SW London) VG+ 90:-
X BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS And when I die/Sometimes in winter 1969 (SW CBS) M- 65:-
X RAY CHARLES No one to cry to/A tear fell 1964, small cw (SW Karusell) VG+ 45:-
X "COCA COLA Vol. 1" PETULA CLARK/SUPREMES Things go better with Coke/SOUND -67 GROUP w. MARCUS ÖSTERDAHL Things go better with Coke (gd. instr.) 1967 (SW Coca Cola) VG+ 65:-
X COWSILLS Hair/What is happy? 1969 (SW MGM) VG+ 45:-
X THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN Fire/Rest cure 1968, NC (GE Polydor) VG+ 65:-
X DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH The legend of Xanadu/Please 1968 (NO Fontana) VG+ 65:-
X FATS DOMINO Blueberry Hill/Little Mary 1959 (DK California) VG+ 75:-
X DRAFI DEUTSCHER & H. MAGICS Ich hab' den Mond in meiner Tasche/An deiner Seite 1966 (GE Decca) VG+ 65:-
X NEIL DIAMOND You got to me/Someday baby 1967 (SW Metronome) VG+ 75:-
O ARLENE FONTANA I'm in love/Easy 1959, NC, A=gd. uptempo (SW Karusell) VG 65:-
X CONNIE FRANCIS Many tears ago/Senza mama 1960, some creases on cover (DK MGM) VG+ 65:-
X ARETHA FRANKLIN I can't see myself leaving you/Gentle on my mind 1969 (SW Atlantic) VG+ 65:-
X BOBBY GENTRY & GLEN CAMPBELL All I have to do is dream/Walk right back 1969, two great versions of Everly Brothers' songs (SW Capitol) VG++ 65:-
X GITTE Nur Ein Bisschen Glück/Hände Weg Von Jack 1963, soc (GE Columbia) VG+ 75:-
O BILL HALEY & COMETS Rock-a-beatin' boogie/Burn that candle 1955, toc, export press, kom f.ö. på Brunswick (UK Decca) VG(+) 65:-
X TIM HARDIN Simple song of freedom/Question of birth 1969 (SW CBS) VG+/VG 65:-
X HOLLIES On a carousel/All the world is love 1967, small cw, small woc (SW Parlophone) VG+ 75:-
O HONEYCOMBS Have I the right/Please don't pretend again 1964 (SW PYE) VG+ 65:-
X JOHNNY HORTON The battle of New Orleans/All for the love of a girl 1959 (US Columbia) VG+/VG 75:-
X BRIAN HYLAND That's how much/Four little heels (the clickety clack song) 1960, woc (SW Kapp) VG+ 75:-
X DAVY JONES It ain't me babe/Baby it's me 1967, Monkees-member (SW PYE) VG+ 65:-
X PAUL JONES High time/I can't hold on much longer 1966, small woc (SW HMV) VG++ 65:-
X PAUL JONES Privilege/Free me 1967, soc (SW HMV) VG++ 65:-
X JIMMY JUSTICE Spanish Harlem/Write me a letter 1962 (SW PYE) VG+ 65:-
X ALICE UND ELLEN KESSLER Die Kavaliere von 1910/No capito 1961, NC (GE Polydor) VG+ 65:-
O KINKS Till the end of the day/Where have all the good times gone 1965, omslag från PUB:s grammofonavdelning, NC (SW PYE) VG++ 75:-
O KITTENS Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini/Dark, dark sunglasses 1960, great teen/girl group (SW Philips) VG+ 90:-
X LEAPY LEE Little arrows/Time will tell 1968 (SW Stateside) VG+ 45:-
O GARY LEWIS & PLAYBOYS Save your heart for me/Without a word of warning 1965, great B-side (SW Liberty) VG+ 65:-
X GARY LEWIS & PLAYBOYS Sure gonna miss her/I don't wanna say goodnight 1966 (SW Liberty) M- 65:-
X JOHN LEYTON Beautiful dreamer/I guess you are always on my mind 1963 (DK HMV) VG(+) 65:-
X LULU Me, the peaceful heart/Lookout 1968, small woc (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X LULU Me, the peaceful heart/Lookout 1968 (SW Columbia) VG++ 75:-
X MAMAS & PAPAS I saw her again/Even if I could 1966, NC (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 75:-
X MARBLES Only one woman/By the light of a burning candle 1968 (GE Polydor) VG+ 65:-
O MARILYN MAYE Step to the rear/For those in love 1967 (US RCA Victor) M- 65:-
X BARRY McGUIRE Eve of destruction/What exactly's the matter with me 1965, sm. split (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
   MERCY Love (can make you happy)/Fire ball 1969, Florida pop group, B=great fuzz gtr.instr. (US Sundi Records) VG+ 65:-
X NED MILLER From a jack to a king/Parade of broken hearts 1963, blue vinyl, wol, woc (SW Karusell) VG(+) 65:-
X MONKEES Last train to Clarksville/Take a giant step 1966 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
X MONKEES Alternate title/Forget that girl 1967 (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
O MOODY BLUES From the bottom of my heart/And my baby's gone 1965, NC (UK Decca) VG+ 65:-
X WENCKE MYHRE Beiss nicht gleich in jeden Apfel 1966 (GE Polydor) VG+ 90:-
   RICKY NELSON Poor little fool/Don't leave me this way 1958, NC (UK London) VG+ 65:-
O RICK NELSON That's all she wrote/For you 1963, toc, great song (UK Brunswick) VG+ 75:-
O BUCK OWENS Love's gonna live here/Getting used to losing you 1963, NC (SW Capitol) VG++ 65:-
X DON PARTRIDGE Blue eyes/I've got something for you 1968 (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
O WEBB PIERCE Sands of gold/Nobody's darling but mine 1963 (US Decca) VG(+) 45:-
X OTIS REDDING Free me/(Your love has lifted me) Higher and higher 1969 (SW Atlantic) VG+ 65:-
X TOMMY ROE Dizzy/The you I need 1969. small cw, wobc (SW Stateside) VG(+) 45:-
X TOMMY ROE Heather honey/Money is my pay 1969 (SW Stateside) M- 65:-
X TOMMY ROE Jack and Jill/Tip toe Tina 1969 (SW Stateside) VG++ 65:-
X DIANA ROSS & SUPREMES Love child/Will this be the day 1968 (SW Tamla Motown) VG+ 65:-
X ROYAL GUARDSMEN Snoopy vs. the Red Baron/I needed you 1966 (DK Stateside) VG(+) 65:-
X SAM & DAVE Born again/Get it 1969, great soul (SW Atlantic) VG++ 65:-
O TOMMY SANDS The worryin' kind/Bigger than Texas 1958 (DK Capitol) VG+ 65:-
X PETER SARSTEDT Where do you go to (my lovely)/Morning mountain 1969 (SW U.A.) VG+ 65:-
O SEEKERS The carnival is over/We shall not be moved 1965, small cw (UK Columbia) VG+ 65:-
O DAVID SEVILLE & CHIPMUNKS Alvin's harmonica/Mediocre 1958, B=instr., cw (UK London) VG+ 75:-
X BOBBY SHAFTO Who wouldn't love a girl like that/Love, love, love 1964 (SW Parlophone) VG+ 90:-
X SHOCKING BLUE Venus/Mighty Joe 1968 (NL CNS) M- 65:-
X SIMON & GARFUNKEL The boxer/Baby driver 1969 (SW CBS) VG+ 65:-
X NINA SIMONE Revolution, part 1 & 2 1968, sol, small woc (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
X NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZLEWOOD Jackson/NANCY SINATRA You only live twice 1967 (GE Reprise) VG+ 65:-
X NANCY SINATRA & DEAN MARTIN Things/NANCY SINATRA Up, up and away 1967 (GE Reprise) VG(+) 45:-
X THE SINGING NUN (Soeur Sourire) Dominique/Entre les etoiles 1963 (NO Philips) VG+ 65:-
O CAL SMITH I love you a thousand ways/Jacksonville 1968, white label radio station copy, country (US Kapp) M- 45:-
X SUPREMES Only sixteen/I hear a symphony 1965, soc, woc (SW Tamla Motown) VG+ 65:-
X SWINGING BLUE JEANS Hippy hippy shake/Now I must go 1964 (DK HMV) VG++ 90:-
O THE YOUNG IDEA Peculiar situation/Just look at the rain 1967, small cw (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X TREMELOES My little lady/All the world to me 1968 (SW CBS) VG+ 65:-
X TREMELOES Hello world/Up, down, all around 1969, woc, some creases on cover (SW CBS) VG+ 65:-
O TROGGS You can cry if you want to/There's something about you 1968, bb hole (US Fontana) VG+ 65:-
X WHO I'm free/Tommy can you hear me 1969, sm. split (SW Polydor) VG+/VG 65:-
X EDOARDO VIANELLO Abbronzatissima/I watussi 1963, NC (GE RCA Vixctor) VG+ 65:-
   GENE VINCENT Be-bop-a-lula/The king of fools, no PS, the fast twist version of Be-bop-a-lula (SW Capitol) VG+ 75:-
O GENE VINCENT Be-bop-a-lula/The king of fools 1962, twist-versionen (UK Capitol)VG+/VG 90:-
X "VÄRLDSHISTORIENS STÖRSTA ÖGONBLICK" Månlandningen 1969/Första människan på månen 1969, med inspelningar av astronauterna och kommentarer. Utgiven av tidningen Expressen. (SW Expressen/Philips) VG+ 75:-
   LITTLE STEVIE WONDER Fingertips, part 1 & 2 1963, NC (SW Stateside) VG+ 45:-
FLEXI ”THERE IS MUSIC IN THE AIR” CLIFF ADAMS SINGERS w. Hermanos Deniz Orch. Caravelle samba 1959, PROMO RECORD for SAS, released to celebrate that the Caravelle jetliner entered service (SW SAS) VG+ 75:- 

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