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X BRIAN BENNETT BAND Wallop/The girls back home 1981, Shadows drummer (SW Mercury) M- 45:-
EPX CLIFF RICHARD "Sings" Travellin' light/Dynamite/I gotta know/Here comes summer 1960, wobc /2X/ (NO Columbia) VG+ 90:-
EPX CLIFF RICHARD & SHADOWS "Expresso bongo" Love/A voice in the wilderness/The shrine on the second floor/Bongo blues (instr.) 1960 (UK Columbia) VG+ 90:-
EPX CLIFF RICHARD Nine times out of ten, Thinking of our love (feltryckt titel på omslaget)/SHADOWS Apache, Quartermasters stores 1960, small cw, toc, Norvegian press (SW Columbia) VG(+) 75:-
EPX CLIFF RICHARD Y'arriva/Turn around/Bachelor boy/The next time 1963, wobc (SW Columbia) VG+ 125:-
O CLIFF RICHARD & SHADOWS Please don't tease/Where is my heart 1960, toc (GE Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X CLIFF RICHARD Do you want to dance/I'm lookin' out the window 1962, sol, tapemarks on sleeve (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X CLIFF RICHARD It'll be me/Since I lost you 1962, NC, Norvegian press, SW cover (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X CLIFF RICHARD Lucky lips/I wonder 1963, lt, sm. split (SW Columbia) VG(+) 45:-
X CLIFF RICHARD & SHADOWS I could easily fall/I'm in love with you 1964, small woc (SW Columbia) VG+/VG 125:-
X CLIFF RICHARD Visions/What would I do (for the love of a girl) 1966, sobc (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X CLIFF RICHARD The day I met Marie/Our story book 1967, NC (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X CLIFF RICHARD All my love/Sweet little Jesus boy 1967, toc (SW Columbia) VG+/VG 65:-
X CLIFF RICHARD Good times/Occasional rain 1969, NC (SW Columbia) VG+ 75:-
X CLIFF RICHARD & HANK B. MARVIN Throw down a line/Reflections 1969 (SW Columbia) VG+ 75:-
X CLIFF & HANK The joy of living/Leave my woman alone/Boggatoo (instr.) 1970 (SW Columbia) M- 150:-
X CLIFF RICHARD Sing a song of freedom/A thousand conversations 1971 (SW Columbia) VG+ 65:-
X JET HARRIS Love me tender/An American trilogy 1987 (SW Triola) VG+ 125:-
EPX SHADOWS "Foot tapper"/The breeze and I/South of the border/Driftin' 1963, soc (SW Columbia) VG+ 150:-
O SHADOWS Guitar tango/What a lovely tune 1962, B=vocal (SW Columbia) M- 75:-
O SHADOWS Wonderful land/Stars fell on Stockton 1962, woc (DK Columbia) VG+ 65:-
12" X CLIFF RICHARD Some people/One time lover man/Reunion of the heart 1987, soc, small cwbc (UK EMI) VG+ 75:-
LP HANK MARVIN Words and music 1982, one instr., the rest is vocal (SW Polydor) M- 65:-
LP HANK MARVIN All alone with friends 1983, soc, one instr., the rest is vocal (UK Polydor) VG+ 65:-
LP MARVIN, WELCH & FARRAR same 1971, gatefold, w.lyrics, first album (UK Regal Zonophone) VG(+) 65:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Cliff's greatest 1963 (GE Columbia) VG(+) 90:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD When in Spain 1963, wobc, sung in Spanish (UK Columbia) VG+ 180:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD When in Spain 1963, 2tr.=VG, wobc, sung in Spanish (UK Columbia) VG+ 125:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD & SHADOWS same 1967, German club edition (GE Die Volksplatte) VG+ 75:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Me and my Shadows 1969, fewer songs than on the original album from 1960 (GE Die Volksplatte) VG+ 125:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Sincerely 1969 (UK Columbia) VG 45:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Tracks 'n grooves 1970 (UK Columbia) VG(+) 65:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Spanish Harlem 1972 release of 1962 album minus two tracks (GE MFP Super) VG+ 65:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Four sides of.... 2-LP 1972 (SW Columbia) VG+ 90:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD Silver 1983, some spinewear (GE EMI) VG+ 65:-
LP CLIFF RICHARD From a distance - the event 2-LP 1990, great live LP incl. songs also by Kalin Twins, Dallas Boys, Vernon Girls (GE EMI) VG+ 90:-
LP SHADOWS same 1961, their first album, rare South African stereo release, cw (S.A. Columbia) VG 75:-
LP SHADOWS Out of the Shadows 1962, 2nd press, white and black label, square Col. logo, flipback, 1tr.=VG, wobc (UK Columbia) VG+ 90:-
LP SHADOWS Greatest hits 1963, great instr. LP, blue Col. logo /2X/ (UK Columbia) VG+ 125:-
LP SHADOWS same 1970 budget release of their 1961 album (UK Regal) VG(+) 65:-
LP SHADOWS Story 1971, some rare tracks here (NL Columbia) VG+ 75:-
LP SHADOWS Tasty 1977, great LP with some tracks in 1960s style (SW EMI) VG+ 125:-
LP SHADOWS 20 rock'n'roll hits 1979, soc, great collection also including their first tracks when they were called The Drifters (SW EMI) VG+ 75:-
LP SHADOWS Another string of hot hits 1980 (SW EMI) M- 75:-

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