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LYNN ANDERSON It makes you happy 1974, shrink wrap (US Pickwick) VG+ 75:-
BUCKAROOS Rompin' and stompin' 1970, instr./woc (US Capitol) VG+ 90:-
DORSEY BURNETTE Here & now 1972, slight ringwear (US Capitol) VG+ 125:-
JOHNNY CASH Everybody loves a nut 1966 (UK CBS) M- 250:-
JOHNNY CASH The walls of a prison 1970, soc (NL CBS) VG+ 90:-
JOHNNY CASH Folsom prison blues 1971, surface noise on side A, side B is OK. Maybe poor pressing? (SW Sun/Grand Prix) VG/VG+ 45:-
JOHNNY CASH Biggest hits 1982 (UK CBS) M- 75:-
JOHNNY CASH Original hits 1982 (GE Big Country) VG+ 75:-
SANFORD CLARK Return of the fool 1968 (US LHI) VG+ 450:-
COWBOY COPAS The late great Cowboy Copas - star of The Grand Old Opry 1963, incl. tracks by JOHNNY COLMUS, shrink wrap (US Guest Star) VG+ 75:-
COUNTRY COMFORT same 1979, shrink wrap, Swedish bluegrass (SW Duc) VG++ 90:-
COUNTRY EXPRESS same 1976, Finnish country, cover VG (FI EMI) VG+ 75:-
COUNTRY FAMILY Songs we love 1972 (SW G-Produktion) VG+ 90:-
COUNTRY PIE same 1971 (UK Avenue) VG+ 75:-
COUNTRY ROAD Rhinestone cowboy 1974, soc (SW Viking) VG+ 90:-
COUNTRY ROAD Here we go again 1975, soc (SW Viking) M- 90:-
COUNTRY ROAD Too hot to handle 1984 (SW Mill) M- 75:-
DANNY DAVIS & THE NASHVILLE BRASS Caribbean cruise 1973 (US RCA Victor) M- 65:-
SKEETER DAVIS The best of.... 1966, RE (GE RCA International) M- 90:-
SKEETER DAVIS The hillbilly singer 1973, shrink wrap, co (US RCA Victor) M- 90:-
SKEETER DAVIS Best of.... vol. 2, soc (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
LEROY VAN DYKE Golden hits - The World's Most Famous Auctioneer 1974, stmc, some edgewear (US Sun) VG+ 150:-
JANIE FRICKE I love country 1985 (NL CBS) M- 75:-
DON GIBSON Collectors series 1985 (CA RCA Victor) M- 75:-
MERLE HAGGARD Stars of country 1975, stmc (NL Capitol) M- 75:-
MERLE HAGGARD Keep movin' on 1975, soc /2X/ (SW Capitol) VG++ 90:-
TOM T. HALL Country classics 1974, soc (UK Philips International) VG+ 90:-
TOM T. HALL Faster horses 1976 (US Mercury) VG++ 90:-
TOM T. HALL The Country Store collection 1988 (UK Country Store) VG+ 75:-
BILLY HILL I am just a rebel 1989, shrink wrap, country rock (US Reprise) M- 90:-
JOHNNY HORTON The voice of.... 1965 (US Hilltop) VG++ 90:-
JOHNNY HORTON On stage 1966, CBS stickers pasted over the Columbia logo, "stereo 360 sound", some ringwear (US Columbia) VG+ 90:-
BJØRO HÅLAND Adios amigo 1980 (NO Talent) VG++ 75:-
BJØRO HÅLAND My Nashville album 1982, soc (SW Mariann Int.) M- 75:-
BJØRO HÅLAND Walk on by 1982 (SW Mariann Int.) VG++ 75:-
BJØRO HÅLAND På turné 1983, soc (SW Mariann Int.) VG++ 75:-
BJØRO HÅLAND On tour 1983, sobc (NO Grappa) M- 75:-
BJØRO HÅLAND Some broken hearts never mend 1983, soc (SW Mariann Int.) VG++ 75:-
BJØRO HÅLAND Just for you 1985, soc (SW Frituna) M- 75:-
WANDA JACKSON A woman lives for love 1970, small cw (US Capitol) VG+ 75:-
WANDA JACKSON I still love you 1976 (SW Myrrh) M- 90:-
WANDA JACKSON Greatest hits 1980 (US Gusto) VG+ 75:-
WAYLON JENNINGS Folk-Country 1966, cw/reva i omslaget, lagad med tejp inifrån, black label. Ovanlig Waylon-LP. (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 150:-
WAYLON JENNINGS Ruby, don't take your love to town 1973 (US RCA Camden) VG++ 90:-
WAYLON JENNINGS What goes around comes around 1979 (UK RCA) M- 90:-
WAYLON JENNINGS Black on black 1982, soc (GE RCA Victor) M- 90:-
WAYLON JENNINGS The Waylon Jennings files vol. 3 1985, great collection! (GE Bear Family Records) M- 125:-
JIM & JESSE & THE VIRGINIA BOYS Sing unto him a new song 1966, bluegrass, shrink wrap (US Epic) M- 125:-
TIM JOHNSON Between the sun and San Antone 1978 (US Sundial)  VG++ 90:-
BRENDA LEE Take me back 1980, co (US MCA) VG+ 65:-
BOB LUMAN same 1978, shrink wrap (US Polydor) VG++ 90:-
NASHVILLE COUNTRY SINGERS Dreams of an everyday housewife 1970 (UK Marble Arch) VG+ 65:-
NASHVILLE COUNTRY SINGERS Hits Of Nat King Cole Hits Of Frank Sinatra 1972 (US Mountain Dew) VG+ 65:-
WILLIE NELSON Collection 1988, soc (NL CBS) M- 90:-
BUCK OWENS The best series vol. 4 1969, rainbow label (SW Capitol) VG+ 90:-
BUCK OWENS Best of.... vol. 2 1969 (US Capitol Starline) VG+ 90:-
BUCK OWENS The best of.... vol. 5 1974, shrink wrap, soc (US Capitol) M- 90:-
BUCK OWENS The Buck Owens Show - Live in Las Vegas 1974 release of 1969 album, shrink wrap, soc (US Hilltop) VG+ 90:-
BUCK OWENS Hot dog! 1988, incl. re-recording of his 1950s song "Hot dog", soc (UK Capitol) M- 90:-
PARSON & THE FREAKY MOUNTAIN BOYS First day in town 1975 (SW Hendrix Music Production) M- 90:-
DOLLY PARTON New harvest first gathering 1977, gatefold, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
DOLLY PARTON Burlap & satin 1983, soc (GE RCA) M- 90:-
DOLLY PARTON Real love 1985, co (US RCA) M- 90:-
WEBB PIERCE Just Webb Pierce! 1965, wobc (US Hilltop) VG(+) 65:-
RANGERS same 1970, Czech country/folk group (CZ Panton) VG+ 75:;-
RANKARNA & MATS RÅDBERG Six guys twelve songs 1976 (SW Polydor) VG+ 75:-
RANKARNA & MATS RÅDBERG Special delivery no. 10 1977 (SW Polydor) VG+ 75:-
JIM REEVES God be with you 1959, mono, sm. split (US RCA Victor) VG(+) 65:-
JIM REEVES Welcome to my world 1973, soc (UK RCA Camden) VG+ 65:-
JIM REEVES It's nothin' to me 1977 (US RCA Victor) VG++ 75:-
JIM REEVES Pure gold vol. 1 1978 (US RCA) VG+ 65:-
CHARLIE RICH She called me baby 1974, slight ringwear (US RCA Victor) VG+ 75:-
CHARLIE RICH Take me 1977, ringwear (US Epic) VG++ 75:-
CHARLIE RICH I still believe in love 1978 (US U.A.) VG+ 75:-
CARSON ROBISON & HIS PLEASANT VALLEY BOYS Square dances 1956, orange label (US RCA Victor) VG+ 90:-
JIMMIE RODGERS My rough & rowdy ways - the legendary Jimmie Rodgers 1975 (US RCA) M- 90:-
CURLY SECKLER w. THE SHENANDOAH CUTUPS Sings again 1971, bluegrass (US County) VG++ 90:-
CONNIE SMITH Where is my castle 1971, sobc, small wobc, US cover (GE RCA International) VG+ 75:-
HANK THOMPSON & THE BRAZOS VALLEY BOYS Cheyenne frontier days 1962, rainbow label (US Capitol) M- 90:-
TANYA TUCKER Lovin' and learnin' 1976, co (US MCA) M- 75:-
TANYA TUCKER Here's some love 1976, co (US MCA) M- 75:-
TANYA TUCKER TNT 1978, gatefold, co (US MCA) M- 75:-
TANYA TUCKER Tear me apart 1979 (US MCA) M- 75:-
TANYA TUCKER The best of.... 1982, sobc (US MCA) M- 75:-
CONWAY TWITTY Early favorites 1982, recordings from 1961, co (US Accord) M- 90:-
BOB UVELLO At High Chaparral 1978, SIGNERAD/AUTOGRAPHED (SW High Chaparral) VG+ 90:-
DENNIS WEAVER (McCloud) One more road 1975, quadraphonic (US Ovation) M- 75:-
FREDDY WELLER The roadmaster 1972, some ringwear (US Columbia) VG+ 75:-
FREDDY WELLER Too much monkey business 1973, soc, cut corner (US Columbia) VG+ 75:-
HANK WILLIAMS JR. Ballads of hills and plains 1965, co (US MGM) VG++ 90:-
HANK WILLIAMS, JR. The best of.... 1967, wobc (US MGM) VG(+) 75:-
TAMMY WYNETTE Stand by your man 1975 (NL Epic) VG+ 75:-
TAMMY WYNETTE Only lonely sometimes 1980 (UK Epic) VG+ 75:-
TAMMY WYNETTE I love country 1985 (NL Epic) M- 75:-

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