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- glossy English rock magazine.
April 1999 Stereophonics, Kula Shaker, Underworld, 3 Colours Red, Feeder etc., w. poster. VG+ 20:-
May 1999 Skunk Anansie, Reef, Easy Riders, The Offspring etc., w. poster, no CD. VG+ 20:-
June 1999 Terrorvision, Deftones, Fear Factory, Moby, Suede etc., w. poster, no CD. VG+ 20:-
Norvegian RnR magazine
No. 3/1988 Al Ferrier, Elvis, Sun Rhytm Section, Toini Knudsen, Roy Buchanan etc. VG+ 40:-
- Swedish mag dedicated to 50's rock. Lots of great pics, info, discographies, reviews etc.
No. 26/1985 Hayden Thompson, Elvis, Rock-Krister, Duane Eddy, Jimmie Rodgers etc. M- 30:-
AMERICAN MUSIC MAGAZINE - In Swedish, dedicated to roots music, lots of pics,discographies etc.
No. 59/1994 Sanford Clark, Joey Castle, Chuck Berry etc. M- 40:-
No. 60/1994 Ersel Hickey, Werly Fairburn, Bison Bop etc. M- 40:-
No. 61/1994 Larry Finnegan, Connie Francis, Carlene Carter etc. M- 40:-
No. 62/1994 Billy Riley,Curly Griffin,WaylonJennings,Travis Wammack etc. /8X/ M- 40:-
No. 63/1995 Narvel Felts, Terry Cobb, Linda Gail Lewis etc. /2X/ M- 40:-
No. 65/1995 Jerry Woodard, Litle Richard, James Burton etc. M- 40:-
No. 66/1995 Johnnie Allen, Jackie Lee Cochran, Buck Griffin etc. M- 40:-
- Swedish blues magazine
No 3/1991 Li'l Ed, Baba Blues, Freddie Roulette, Memphis Blues, Bobby Bland etc. VG+ 30:-
- svenskt alternativmagasin
Med kameran i livet, När turisterna lämnat Skagem Galago etc. VG(+) 10:-
- Swedish rec. collector's magazine, reviews, ads.
No. 4/1984 Elvis Costello feature incl. discography etc. VG 20:-
- Norvegian record collecting magazine w. discograhphies, info, sales lists etc.
No. 40/1996 Prisguide norske artister 'P' etc. /3X/ M-  30:-
No. 43/1997 Animals discography Nordic releases, prisguide 'S' etc.   M  30:-
AFTONBLADET - Swedish daily newspaper
Oct. 9/1990 John Lennon - i dag skulle han ha fyllt 50 (about Lennon's 50th birthday) VG+ 40:-
- Swedish daily newspaper
Oct. 9/1990 Världen hyllar John Lennon VG+ 40:-
- Swedish glossy music magazine.
No 0/1996 Singer, Oasis, Suede, Beck, AC/DC, Kent etc. Singer/Oasis on cover. VG+ 35:-
No 1/1996 Cardigans, Aerosmith, Metallica, ZZ Top, Nirvana etc. Cardigans on cover. VG+ 35:-
- Swedish music magazine.
No. 1/1995 S.P.O.C.K., Erasure, And One, The Mission, Blue For Two etc., S.P.O.C.K. on cover. VG+ 30:-
great magazine dedicated to revival/neorockabilly/psychobilly, lots of 'on the scene' reports from various countries, record reviews etc.
No. 1/1994 Ray Condo & Hardrock Goners,Sharks,Rimshots,Ray Campi etc. /2X/ M- 40:-
No. 2/1994 Jimmy Roy, Jet Black, Ray Campi etc. M- 40:-
No. 3/1994 Betty & The Bops, Mean Cat Daddies, Whistle Bait etc. M- 40:-
No. 4/1994 Johnny & Jailbirds, Meteors, Empress of Fur etc. M- 40:-
No. 5/1995 Orson Family, Meteors, Cramps etc. M- 40:-
No. 6/1995 Hi-Winders, Falcons, Barnshakers etc. M- 40:-
No. 7/1995 ranchgirls, Sleazy Rustic Boys, Toini & Tomcats etc. M- 40:-
No. 8/1995 Rave On, Blackout, Hot Boogie Chillun etc. /2X/ M- 40:-
No. 9/1995 Go Getters, Frantic Glattops, Boozelovers etc. M- 40:-
No. 10/1995 Wildwind, Crestlers, Francine etc. /2X/ M- 40:-
No. 11/1996 Jump Cat Jump, Housewreckers, Little Tina & Flight 56 etc. /3X/ M- 40:-
No. 12/1996 Pink Peg Slax, Crocats, Bebops etc. /5X/ M- 40:-
No. 13/1996 Bugaloos, Crystalairs, Hangmen, Jack Earls etc. /2X/ M- 40:-
No. 14/1996 The Jive Aces, Rollin' Rocks, Deke Dickerson etc. M- 40:-
No. 15/1996 Simon Crashley & Roadmasters, Bellhops, Rockats etc. /2X/ M- 40:-
- glossy British music magazine, lots of great pictures & articles.
No. 101/1995 Bob Dylan,Human League,Bruce Springsteen,The Creation etc. VG+ 40.-
- classic british music magazines, lots of reviews & great articles
Feb. 23/1991 Jane's Addiction,The Farm,Jesus Jones,Morrissey,Sinead O'Connor etc. VG+ 30:-
21 Nov. 1987 Baesties, A House, Motörhead, Robbie Robertson, Yargo Moss etc. VG+ 30:-
13 Feb. 1999 Blur, REM, Mansun etc. M- 30:-


Terry Dene, b/w shot from 'The Golden Disc', no. 164/58 (Cumulus Förlag) M- 50:-
POSTCARD Tommy Steele, colour shot w. gtr & red shirt/trousers no. 016/58 (Cumulus Förlag) M- 40:-
POSTCARD Tommy Steele på Sverigeturne b/w no. 101/58(Cumulus Förlag) M- 40:- (VG 20:-)
POSTCARD Tommy Steele på Sverigeturne b/w no. 101/59(Cumulus Förlag) VG(+) 25:-
POSTCARD Robertino b/w no. 10235/61 (Cumulus Förlag) VG+ 20:-
POSTCARD Robertino b/w no. 10237/61, slight wear (Cumulus Förlag) VG+ 20:-

I'm telling you now, pic of the whole group (UK B. Feldman & Co.) VG(+) 65:-

Foreign customers please send a mail and I will tell you what's still available. Don't send any money in advance. Leverans mot postförskott om inget annat överenskommes.