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COSMIC PRICE GUIDE 2006 to original KRAUTROCK records
by Ulrich Klatte

Contact address: CPG Books, c/o Kristian Klatte, Dorfstr. 6, D-21521 Wohltorf/Hamburg, Germany
304 pages, hard-cover.
Price: 38,- (Europe), $57 (overseas) incl. airmail.

This is an essential resource for Krautrock collectors. Concentrating on vinyl releases, the book lists 1000's of LPs and also singles and maxis. The Kraut rock period is generally defined as the years 1968-75 although some entries go beyond that. The book lists first pressings and in some cases re-releases when they differ from the originals. It contains more than 1 400 colour pictures of covers and labels as well as label discographies. The artists are listed in alphabetical order with information about catalogue

 number, year of release plus value in Euro. As can be seen, many Kraut releases are very valuable today. This is a very fascinating area of record collecting and the book is a good companion when record hunting. Several albums are valued at 500,- and more in mint condition. Should you be lucky to find a mint copy of Necronomicon's album Tips Zum Selbstmord you have a 1 000,- album in your hand. This is the second edition of the Cosmic Price Guide and I can highly recommend it.

BEATLES WORLDWIDE - an anthology of original LP releases
by Christoph Maus

Contact address: Maus of Music, c/o Christoph Maus, Bellealliancestrasse 39, D-20259 Hamburg, Germany
372 pages, hard-cover.
Price: 45,- (Europe), $62 (overseas) incl. airmail.

This thoroughly researched book is enough to make your mouth water with more than 900 colour pictures of covers and labels. The book details Beatles album releases from around the world. What make the collecting of foreign Beatles releases very interesting is that many countries released their own compilations with unique covers.The book details releases from such exotic places as India, Singapore, Peru, Chile and Argentina, where the Beatles initially were marketed as Los Grillos! The marketing of the Beatles worldwide is detailed in a separate section and there is a 272 page illustrated discography from 40+ countries. The book gives detailed information on how to tell a first release from

a later pressing and is a very valuable tool in determining what you actually have in your Beatles collection. There is a lot of information like company logos, dates of re-releases and special editions. The book also has a price guide for the original album releases in the various countries.

This book is a must for any Beatles collector and a welcome addition to the bookshelf.

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